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We’ve selected the best articles on media monitoring and measurement posted on the blog in 2018. The posts cover a range of topics on PR measurement, social media analytics, social media listening and media intelligence. They offer a wealth of advice on how public relations, marketing and other communications functions can improve their media monitoring and measurement. You might want to retain the list as a convenient reference throughout the new year.

10 Important Trends in PR Measurement & Analytics

PR measurement trends, future of PR measurementThe public relations profession and PR measurement continue to evolve rapidly. PR pros who stay abreast of the latest PR measurement trends are more likely to survive and thrive.



How Enterprise Media Monitoring & Measurement Benefits the Entire Organization (not Just PR)

enterprise media monitoring benefits entire organization, enterprise media measurement valueMost corporate departments and a wide range of company managers can benefit from media monitoring and measurement. Media monitoring is not just for PR anymore.



10 Important Ways Social Media Listening Can Benefit Your Business

benefits of social media listening, social media monitoring benefits for businessesSocial media listening provides organizations both marketing and PR benefits. Companies can find new customers, improve products, research their markets, and improve their PR campaigns.



10 Simple Ways to Greatly Improve Your PR Measurement

data-driven PR & marketing, data analytics tips for PR & marketingFacing growing pressure to prove how their activities contribute to the organization’s bottom line, PR can employ more advanced PR measurement practices to substantiate how their activities support key business objectives.



Essential Steps to Prove PR Value

prove PR value, PR measurementMore than ever, corporate managers demand to know how PR contributed to business objectives. PR pros who cannot prove how they helped meet business goals place their staffing and budgets at risk.



5 Essential PR Metrics to Measure Earned Media

PR measurement metrics, PR metrics for earned mediaAnecdotal reports will not convince corporate executives of the value of public relations. With the help of advanced media monitoring and analytics tools, PR professionals can produce valid numbers to prove the value of their campaigns to clients and corporate superiors.



New Service Searches Fake News Websites for False Information about Companies, Brands & Celebrities

facebook fake news, fake news media monitoringBusinesses, nonprofits and celebrities remain vulnerable to false news attacks. A media monitoring service that monitors fake news sites can safeguard reputations of organizations and celebrities.



8 Ways to Legally Snoop on Competitors

Understanding competitors and their products can mean the difference between success and failure. In-depth competitor research is critical to know how your products and services stack up in the marketplace.



Simple Ways to Reduce Costs of PR Measurement

PR measurement costs, PR budget challengesPR professionals face additional duties, constrained budgets and the challenge of proving their value to their management. Advanced PR measurement tools can ease the burden with suitable and affordable analytics.



7 Tips to Assure Clean Data for PR Measurement

clean data for PR measurementDirty media data can produce useless findings and wreck PR measurement. Follow these recommendations from PR measurement experts to collect and clean data on news and social media mentions.



How PR can Benefit from Measuring Share of Voice

share of voice tips, share of voice pr metricPR measurement experts often analyze share of voice to learn how PR campaigns perform compared to competitors. The metric can provide especially meaningful insights if PR digs deeper into the data and examines the different components of media coverage.



How Accurate is Social Media Sentiment Analysis in Measuring Consumer Opinion?

how to get client testimonials

There are good reasons marketers should not assume that sentiment toward their brands on social media is identical to offline or overall sentiment. Experts recommend marketers take advantage of the benefits of social media analytics but augment it with conventional, offline marketing research.



How to Dig into PR & Marketing Data to Unearth Actionable Insights that Improve Business Results

dig into data for actionable insightsTransforming an abundance of media results and marketing data into concrete findings and recommendations can be challenging, but the right mindset and tools can uncover actionable insights that improve business results.



Is Return on Investment (ROI) the Best Metric to Measure PR Success?

PR return on income, ROI for public relationsIt’s not always possible to calculate a valid ROI for PR or marketing activities, and ROI is not necessarily the best metric to assess the value of PR.



How to Resolve Shortcomings of Automated Sentiment Analysis Software

automated sentiment analysis shortcoming, automated sentiment analysis pros & consWhile automated sentiment analysis of social media mentions offers the benefits of faster turnaround and potentially lower costs, its accuracy often falls short of acceptable standards. Fortunately, there are solutions.



How McDonald’s Uses Social Media Listening

how McDonald's uses social media listeningThrough social media listening, McDonald’s resolves customer service issues, answers questions about its brand, and changes its menu to deliver items customers want. While most organizations don’t see the millions of mentions that McDonald’s does, they can gain similar benefits from social media monitoring.



Impressions: The Lethal PR Measurement Trap

impresseions PR metric, impressions for PR measurementImpressions, one of the most common PR and marketing metrics, offers limited value and is often misunderstood and misused, according to top measurement experts. They urge PR pros to seek alternative metrics and avoid multipliers.



The Powerful Business Benefits of Integrated Analytics for PR and Marketing

benefits of integrated dashboards for PR & marketingAs more organizations integrate PR, marketing and other communications functions, they recognize the value of integrated online dashboards to measure and evaluate effectiveness of all communications activities.



Advanced Metrics Determine Impact of Social Media Marketing on Business Goals

social media metrics to determine impact on business goalsFollower growth and reach don’t show how social media helps meet business objectives. Marketers need more advanced metrics and the right social media measurement tools to show results that impress their bosses.



How Nonprofits Can Glean Greater Value from Social Media Measurement

nonprofits social media monitoring & measurement, media measurement nonprofits tipsWith social media monitoring and measurement, nonprofits can find the best strategies for encouraging people to donate and volunteer. Probably most importantly, media measurement can show if nonprofits meet their goals.



What Are the Telltale Social Media Metrics for Higher Education?

social media ROI for higher education institutions, university social media ROI measuementWhile often lampooned as vanity metrics, the use of engagement metrics can show if PR and marketing activities on social media are improving brand awareness and spreading the institution’s recruitment messages to new and larger audiences of high school students.



Why Companies Should Measure Corporate Social Responsibility

Measure Corporate Social ResponsibilityMeasurement can improve CSR results, convince skeptical stakeholders of its benefits, and help gain increased funding. Because CSR has become an essential factor for corporate communications, experts recommend evaluating it like any other tactic.