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How Glean.info got it's start - glean.info

Proving and Improving Communication Effectiveness

About Us

While Glean.info is a new name in media monitoring and measurement, the company behind it has a distinguished history.

Previously known as CyberAlert, the company was founded almost 20 years ago by public relations veteran William J. Comcowich, who remains an advisor to the company. As one of the first media monitoring companies to focus on collecting media mentions from online news sources, it has served the media analytics needs of thousands of companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Glean.info remains committed to offering unsurpassed, round-the-clock customer support with fully-trained media analysts and a dedicated account representative who respects each client’s time and wishes.


The primary investor in Glean.info is Andlinger & Company Inc., an international private investment and management company. Merrick Andlinger serves as Chairman of the Board for Glean.info and CyberAlert LLC.

Bill Comcowich

Bill Comcowich


After surviving a heart attack, he’s still the same old guy with the same old motto:

‘Always do what’s best for the client.’

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