Broadcast TV Monitoring monitors the closed caption text of almost all TV stations in all 210 U.S. markets, including network, cable and local TV news programs. It’s the most cost-effective broadcast TV monitoring service in the country — and it’s customizable to your specific needs.

We deliver clips daily via email with near full-text abstracts of news stories with your specified keywords. We can include preview videos of all delivered news clips. Clients may also order high definition video clips delivered via downloaded files or DVD.

We store your closed caption and video preview news clips in a full-featured and easy-to-use online archive.
The preview video clips include detailed measurement data including Nielsen ratings for video preview services.

The TV Base Subscription Service monitors news broadcasts of over-air and cable networks and local TV stations in the top 100 U.S. markets and delivers daily (or more frequently) only the relevant text from the closed captioning containing your keywords.

The TV Preview Video Subscription Service monitors TV news in either the Top 100 or all 210 U.S. markets. It delivers both the closed-caption text and preview video of each story in your daily email alert.

a.m. Video News Report

For clients who require the accuracy of a daily video report edited by experienced journalists, offers the a.m. Video News Report. An experienced editor selects the key clips each day, eliminates duplicates, edits the selected clips, assembles them into an executive report according to the client’s specifications, and delivers the assembled clips via email at the specified time.

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