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How to Drive Conversions from Social MediaIf you’re striving to improve your business online, you’ve probably lost sleep over your social media pages. You might have wondered why your sales haven’t improved much, even though your posts are performing well.

Social media marketing is not as easy as it seems. Ask any digital marketing company and they’ll say the same thing. Sure, getting more followers and engagement on your posts sounds like a simple task. But driving conversions through social media is another thing entirely.

So, how do you turn a follower in to a customer? Take heart. There are answers.

How About Some Relevant and Creative Content?

There’s nothing as good as having solid, well-thought-out content to boost engagement. Having timely and witty posts on social media invites people to interact with you.

Targeted boosting of those posts helps reach your intended audience, especially if you promote posts that already have great organic stats.

But be mindful of your captions. Don’t forget to show an understanding of your target market while providing an enticing call to action (CTA).

Make Use of Videos

If you don’t include videos among your marketing methods, you’ll miss a significant chunk of the demographic that prefers video over text. Videos often perform better than text with static visuals, like photos or infographics. Videos send your audience a moving (as in both action and emotion) message that you might have difficulty conveying with plain images.

You can also take advantage of live streaming. Demonstrating your products in real time can effectively convince your audience that your product definitely lives up to its product description.

Analyzing Your Audience

It pays to look into social media analytics such as Facebook Page Insights. This gives you an idea of how to address your shortcomings and improve your strategy. It would be difficult to know certain habits of your audience or to find influencers who share your content without social media analytics.

Study the patterns of your likes and comments and consider the topics of comments and conversations to get a better feel for your customers and to try to understand their quirks.

While most of the major social media platforms offer data, an integrated social media measurement service can offer more robust analytics. A media monitoring dashboard that integrates all forms of media provides powerful advantages over native analytics of social networks.

If you’re having a hard time understanding your social media analytics, a digital marketing company might come in handy. A digital marketing company can also give recommendations on how to improve your current marketing strategy and how to implement them effectively on your social media pages.