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Best Articles on Media Monitoring and Analytics of 2017

January 2018, Issue #1

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January 2018 Issue 1 Media Measurement Newsletter
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Media Measurement News is a weekly educational newsletter published by, the media monitoring and measurement service, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications. was previously CyberAlert LLC.
As a year-end special issue, we have assembled the best articles on media monitoring and analytics published on the blog in 2017. The articles serve as a review of best-practices and can help public relations, marketing and communications gain the full benefits of media monitoring and measurement.

12 Must-Have Features in a Robust Media Measurement Dashboard
Requiring state-of-the-art features in a media measurement dashboard can help PR and marketing teams obtain greater benefits and insights from their media monitoring and measurement service. By carefully assessing each vendor's dashboard analytics, clients can accurately assess the quality of vendors' service and find how the dashboard's metrics and analytics can benefit other departments in addition to PR. Read More »
18 Tips to Improve Your Organizations Social Media Listening7
While more organizations listen to customers on social media, many may wonder exactly what to listen for and how best to do it. This article offers insight into how your organization can achieve the greatest benefit from social media monitoring. Read More »
8 Ways to Dump Useless Metrics & Achieve Better PR Measurement
PR teams often track and analyze too many metrics that are outdated, unhelpful and consume precious time and energy. Dumping bad metrics can help PR focus on a handful of meaningful metrics that bring clarity to PR measurement. Read More »
How to Measure PR & Marketing on a Limited Budget
Most organizations don't have millions or even thousands to spend on media measurement. These methods can help organizations with limited funds affordably measure their PR and marketing. Read More »
5 Reasons to Trash Google Alerts in Favor of a Paid Media Monitoring & Measurement Service
Google Alerts no longer is a viable option for monitoring media mentions of your business or its brands. Because advancement in PR careers depends on media monitoring results, it's wise to choose a paid media monitoring service that produces dependable results and offers integrated monitoring of broadcast news and social media in addition to blogs and online news sites. Read More »
The Value of Broadcast News Monitoring for PR Agencies: Win New Clients & Impress Current Ones
Broadcast news monitoring can help PR agencies win new clients and greatly improve services to current clients. Despite the recent acceptance of online news, television remains the most popular source for news. Monitoring of TV news is a must-have service for agencies serving major corporations. Read More »
Social Media Listening: How PR Firms Satisfy Clients
Social media monitoring is a critical factor in determining corporate executives' satisfaction with their PR firms, new research reveals. PR firms that work with sophisticated media measurement services gain a competitive advantage and are better able to retain clients and attract new ones. Read More »
Improve Your Media Monitoring & Web Searches with Advanced Search Operators
Advanced search operators are invaluable for searching the web; they deliver more precise search results. Almost everyone can benefit from using advanced operators such as "AND", "OR", "AND NOT" and many others when making online searches or when using a media monitoring service to get daily results from an ongoing search. Searching with advanced operators is actually quite easy - and search results are far better than simple keyword searches. Read More »
The Fallacy of Awareness as a PR Measurement
Although PR pros often brag about increasing awareness of their brands, some measurement experts call awareness a bogus objective that drains PR budgets. Simply trying to "create buzz" degrades PR's role, they say. More valid objectives relate to specific actions of stakeholders and the organization's primary goals. Read More »
How Monitoring Media for Brand Mentions Can Energize Your SEO
Brand mentions provide SEO value even if they don't link to your site, making tracking of brand mentions even more important. Organizations can use media monitoring tools to identify brand mentions and transform them into explicit links for even greater SEO value. Read More »
Competitive Intelligence through Media Monitoring: Benefits, Challenges & Solutions
Companies can gain a competitive advantage with the thorough competitive intelligence that social media monitoring and measurement offers. Wading through the massive amount of information poses the greatest obstacle. Organizations can glean priceless insights by carefully selecting keywords for competitors and working with the right media monitoring service. Read More »
Does Engagement Still Matter as a Social Media Metric?
Engagement may be falling out of favor as a social media metric. Trolls and declining interest in online conversations may be putting a damper on engagement. While some brands may place a low priority on engagement and instead use social networks as a broadcast channel, many marketers tout the benefits of engagement, saying it can accurately measure marketing success. The key is to link engagement with bottom-of-the funnel metrics. Read More »
Katie Paines 6 Steps to PR Measurement Success
Advice from one of the leading PR measurement experts offers a scientific approach to measuring PR's contributions to meeting the organization's goals. With specific steps, PR pros can identify the most appropriate metrics and demonstrate their impact on the organization's success. Read More »
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happy new year 2018!
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