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14 Tips: How to Create & Promote Surveys that Produce Superb Publicity and PR Success

August 2018, Issue #1

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August 2018 Issue 1 Media Measurement Newsletter
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Media Measurement News is a weekly educational newsletter published by, the media monitoring and measurement service, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications. was previously CyberAlert LLC.
Featured Post
14 Tips: How to Create & Promote Surveys that Produce Superb Publicity and PR Success
Surveys can generate outsized publicity results, especially if they reveal unexpected findings that contradict a conventional view. Some survey reports, however, gain little or no publicity. What makes the difference? Read More »

B2B Struggles to Upgrade Marketing Measurement and Demonstrate Pipeline Impact
Most B2B marketers say measurement is a growing priority, yet they continue to struggle to develop marketing measurement that demonstrates their impact on sales, new research reveals. Read More »
5 Examples of Superb Corporate Apologies
Crafting a public apology that appears sincere and mollifies the offended or damaged parties requires careful wording. PR pros can learn lessons on creating apologies by examining examples of carefully crafted and effective corporate apologies. Read More »
8 Keys to Epic Data-Driven Storytelling
When done well, data-driven storytelling provides a fascinating and convincing mix of data and storytelling. The key is to properly balance information within the story. Read More »
How to Promote Your Brand in Swag Bags
Image source: Las Vegas Media
Swag bags filled with promotional items and distributed at conferences, fund-raisers and high-profile events help publicize brands and products long after the event concludes. How can businesses best capitalize on placing items into promotional gift bags? Read More »
New Snapchat Storytellers Program Boosts Influencer Marketing
The Snapchat Storytellers program will connect brands with influencers for advertising and consulting purposes. It may help marketers obtain valuable advice and content. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Essential Steps to Prove PR Value
More than ever, corporate decision-makers demand to know how PR contributed to business results. PR pros who cannot prove how they helped meet the organization's goals risk getting walloped by budget reductions. Read More »
How Political Donations Create Increased Reputation & Business Risk
Companies face heightened reputation and business risks when their political spending and core values conflict, new research reveals. If companies contribute to political campaigns indirectly through trade groups and political action committees, media investigations may expose the donations and portray companies as hypocritical. Read More »
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Comment: Many terrific insights on management!
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From the Archives
Conferences and Webinars
Conference: Social Media Summit, Aug. 9 to 10 in San Francisco. Presented by PR News. $1,940 onsite.
Webinar: PR Measurement, Aug. 14, 12 to 3:30 Central time. Presented by Ragan. Insider price: $195.
Webinar: Media Measurement Best Practices for Next Generation Communicators, Aug. 14 at 3 p.m. Sponsored by PublicRelay.
Conference: Content Marketing World, Sept. 4 to 7 in Cleveland, OH. Presented by the Content Marketing Institute. All-access pass $2,499 onsite
Conference: Inbound 2018, Sept 4 to 7 in Boston. Presented by HubSpot. All-access pass $1,299
Conference: Strategic Communication & Research Conference, Sept. 12-13 in Atlanta, GA. Presented by the Institute for Public Relations and Prime Research. Early-bird registration: $799.
Conference: Digital & Content Marketing Summit, Sept. 12 to 13 in San Francisco. Presented by Innovation Enterprise. All-access pass $2,095.
Conference: Digital & Content Marketing Summit - San Francisco, Sept. 13 to 14 in San Francisco. Early bird all-access pass $1,495. Hosted by Innovation Enterprise.
Conference: MarTech, Oct. 1 to 3 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. Produced by Third Door Media. All-access pass: $2,045 onsite.
Conference: PRSA National Conference, Oct. 5-9, Austin, TX.
Conference: Search Summit, Oct. 19 in New York Cite. Presented by ClickZ and Search Engine Watch. Full rate $1,195.
Conference: B2B Marketing Forum, Nov. 13 to 16 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. Presented by MarketingProfs. All-access pass: $2,395.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Communications and Marketing Director - The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, NY
Communications Coordinator - University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Senior Director, Branding & Communications - Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
Assistant Vice President, Public Relations - National Council for Behavioral Health Mission and Leadership, Washington, DC
Senior Publicist - Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston, MA
Senior Communications Director, Public Affairs - United Nations Foundation, Washington, DC
Director Corporate Communications - Whole Foods Market, Austin, TX
Marketing Positions
Integrated Marketing Manager - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Marketing Manager - Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Content Marketing Specialist - Utah Media Group, Salt Lake City, UT
Senior Marketing Manager - InterConnection, Seattle, WA
Digital Communications/Social Media Specialist - Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Honolulu, HI
Social Media Manager - AMSR - The Oxygen Concentrator Store, Centennial, CO
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Gizmo of the Week
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Organize your email inbox, keep track of reminders and snoozed emails, rescue real email from your spam folder, upload attachments to your cloud, and more. Read More »
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Factoids of the Week
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58% of marketers say their ability to measure and analyze marketing performance "needs improvement" or worse. (Demand Gen)Tweet this!
B2B marketers allocate 28%of their marketing budget to content marketing on average. (Content Marketing Institute)Tweet this!
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Ted Talks of the Week
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What Your Smart Devices Know (And Share) About You
Kashmir Hill
Technology Journalist
Surya Mattu
Investigative Journalist
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Quote of the Week
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"The best way to win a fight is to not get into a fight."
Dan Schulman
     CEO, PayPal
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Quote of the Week
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