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How to Create PR Photos that Wow Editors and Readers

October 2020, Issue #3

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October 2020 Issue 3 Media Measurement Newsletter
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Media Measurement News is a weekly educational newsletter published by, the media monitoring and measurement service, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications. was previously CyberAlert LLC.
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Featured Post
How to Create PR Photos that Wow Editors and Readers
Photo by Andre Furtado on Unsplash
Well-done photographs can be instrumental in gaining media coverage and promoting your organization. The best photos portray action, encourage people to read the story, and subtly support your message. Read More »

Tesla Closes its PR Department: A Turn in the Wrong Direction
Image by Blomst from Pixabay
Tesla's decision to shutter its PR department is a mistake that will accelerate inaccurate and unfavorable media coverage and ultimately harm the brand's image. It's only a matter of time before CEO Elon Musk corrects the mistake. Read More »
Brands Use Innovative Marketing to Safeguard Halloween Fun
Image by Jim Brewin from Pixabay
Candy makers are promoting imaginative, safe ways to distribute candy and celebrate Halloween. The key is to educate the public, and especially parents, about safe, creative trick-or-treating options. Read More »
How Businesses Can Profit from Customers Growing Acceptance of Text Messages
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay
More people prefer to communicate with local businesses through text messages because of Covid-19 fears. Innovative organizations now use texts for a growing number of PR, marketing and customer service uses. Read More »
Career Paths for Social Media Managers
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Many social media managers are eager for promotions and unwilling to remain long with their current organizations, new research reveals. A lack of a clear career path for social media managers may increase turnover in the increasingly vital position. As a result, corporate PR, marketing, and reputation management could be compromised. Read More »
Strategies and Tactics for Responding to Defamatory Attacks — Either Online or in the Media
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash
Defamatory accusations online or in the media can wreck reputations of both individuals and organizations. In most cases, swift action is essential to stop the false claims from spreading and causing more damage. Read More »
Last Weeks Articles
10 Main Components of a First-Class Press Kit
Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay
Press kits are an essential public relations tool. Comprehensive information about the organization in a digital press kit or online newsroom can help gain publicity for the company, provide background to a range of important stakeholders, and show the company in a favorable light to its entire range of constituencies. Read More »
B2B Content Marketers Respond Deftly to Covid-19 Disruptions
Image by Mahmud Shoeb from Pixabay
Although B2B content marketers responded quickly to Covid-19 disruptions this year, new research reveals they'll need to review their marketing metrics and concentrate more on measurement to ensure success in 2021. Read More »

How PR Can Help Combat New Threats from Deepfake Videos

Should Brands Trademark Their Hashtags?

How Brands Can Counteract Cancel Culture

How to Pick Awesome Brand Names

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From the Archives
Conferences and Webinars
Virtual Conference: Digital Experience Summit, Oct. 21. Produced by Simpler Media Group. Free.
Virtual Conference: 2020 Measurement Summit, Oct. 6-8. Presented by Paine Publishing. Regular rate: $600.
Virtual Conference: MarTech, Oct. 6-8. Produced by Third Door Media. Free.
Virtual Conference: Content Marketing World Conference & Expo, Oct. 13-16. Presented by Content Marketing World. All-access virtual passes: $999.
Virtual Conference: ICON 2020 — Strategic Communications, Navigating a World Disrupted, Oct. 26-29. Presented by PRSA. Professional registration: $795 for members.
Virtual Conference: B2B Forum, Nov. 3-6 at the at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. Presented by MarketingProfs.
Virtual Conference: Strategic Marketing USA, Nov. 5-6. Presented by Reuters. Limited free passes available.
Virtual Conference: IPR Bridge Conference, Nov. 5-6 in Washington, D.C. Presented by Institute for Public Relations.
Virtual Workshop: Unleash the Power of Storytelling, Nov. 10 and 17, 10 a.m. to p.m. EST on both days. Sponsored by the PRSA. $495 for members.
Virtual Conference: DigiMarCon World 2020, Nov. 17-19.
Virtual Conference: MadconNYC, Dec. 1-3.
Virtual Conference: Influencer Marketing & Activation Conference, Dec. 8-9. Presented by the ANA.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
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Quote of the Week
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"You'll get a lot of advice, but ultimately you have to have conviction in what you're going to go do and go do it."
Steve Mollenkopf
CEO, Qualcomm
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Gizmo of the Week
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3D Scan Anything with Your iPhone
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Factoids of the Week
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70% of social media managers want to be promoted in their positions, but only 40% see that possibility in their current roles. (Institute for Public Relations)Tweet this!
42% of consumers surveyed said they're more interested in texting with local businesses now than they were before Covid-19. (Podium)Tweet this!
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Ted Talks of the Week
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3 Steps to Stop Remote Work Burnout
Morra Aarons-Mele
Anxious Overachiever
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