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Covid-19 Accelerates Shift of PR and Marketing to In-House Staff - Why It May Be Futile and How Agencies Can Respond

November 2020, Issue #5

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November 2020 Issue 5 Media Measurement Newsletter
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Media Measurement News is a weekly educational newsletter published by, the media monitoring and measurement service, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications. was previously CyberAlert LLC.
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Featured Post
Covid-19 Accelerates Shift of PR and Marketing to In-House Staff - Why It May Be Futile and How Agencies Can Respond
Image by aymane jdidi from Pixabay
Facing budgetary pressures caused by Covid-19 shut-downs, chief marketing officers are bringing PR and marketing functions in-house, new research shows. Communications agencies can counter the in-housing trend by taking steps to better serve evolving client needs. Read More »

How to Get Your Content into Googles Featured Snippets and Boost Your Website Traffic
Image by Lalmch from Pixabay
Appearing in featured snippets of Google search results can dramatically increase website traffic and brand awareness. Although success isn't guaranteed, a combination of SEO best practices and first-class content creation can place the brand's website at the very top of search results. Read More »
Fortune 500 Firms Embrace Blogging, Unfriend Social Media
Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay
Fortune 500 companies have discovered the benefits of corporate blogs during the Covid-19 epidemic. Blogs offer an excellent communications channel for sharing corporate messages with employees, consumers and other stakeholders. At the same time, more Fortune 500 social media accounts went inactive; producing fully-vetted and timely social media content became much more challenging during the pandemic. Read More »
10 Most Common Media Monitoring & Measurement Mistakes - And How to Fix Them
While media monitoring and measurement provide many benefits, common mistakes blunt its value. Fixing those prevalent errors unleashes its full power. Read More »
How to Measure Social Media Marketing More Effectively in 6 Simple Steps
Image source:
Proving the effectiveness of social media, especially quantitatively, remains challenging for many marketers, although many have become better at the task. Marketers can show how social media supports business goals by tracking metrics that match the organization's goals and selecting the right social media monitoring and measurement tool. Read More »
How to Write Executive Quotes that Wow
Vibrant quotes can transform staid news releases and other PR content into memorable stories, but most executive quotes are uninspired, wishy-washy and, in fact, quite horrible. Here's how to compose quotes that editors include in articles, bring articles to life, and make your quoted executives look good. Read More »
Last Weeks Articles
How to Improve PR Pitches to Hispanic Media Outlets
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Hispanic media outlets have become a major factor in the American media landscape. It's just plain silly for businesses to ignore them - or to treat them like any other mainstream news source. Special PR skills are needed to develop strong and lasting relationships with Hispanic outlets - and those skills are in high demand. Read More »
4 PR & Marketing Lessons from the 2020 Presidential Election
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
As election officials counted votes from the 2020 election, political pundits analyzed mistakes and successful tactics of opposing political campaigns. PR and marketing experts meanwhile analyzed the election for lessons that can be applied to corporate communications. Read More »

Today's Most Important PR Skills - and Needed New Expertise

CMOs Foresee Improved Results from Marketing Data & Analytics

Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations

7 Steps to the Next Generation of Virtual Conferences

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From the Archives
Conferences and Webinars
Virtual Conference: Riding the Ecommerce Wave, Dec. 1-2. Presented by Econsultancy and Marketing Week.
Virtual Conference: MadconnNYC, Dec. 1-3.
Virtual Conference: Influencer Marketing & Activation Conference, Dec. 8-9. Presented by the ANA.
Virtual Conference: Media Relations Next Practices, Dec 8-9. Presented by PR News.
Virtual Conference: Search Marketing Expo, Dec. 8-9. Presented by Search Engine Land.
Webinar: The Power of Storytelling in Leadership Communication, Dec. 10, 3 to 4 p.m. Eastern time. Presented by the PRSA.
Webinar: PRSA Storytellers Series: Leading With Ethics — A View From the Top, Feb.4, 2021, 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern time. Presented by the PRSA.
Job Openings
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Factoids of the Week
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32% of CMOs shifted marketing work in-house this year. (Gartner)Tweet this!
The U.S. Hispanic population reached a record 77% of Fortune 500 companies published new content on their corporate blogs this year, up from 45% last year. (Center for Research Marketing)Tweet this!
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Ted Talks of the Week
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To Save the Climate, We Have to Reimagine Capitalism
Rebecca Henderson
Capitalism Rethinker
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Quote of the Week
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"You'll get a lot of advice, but ultimately you have to have conviction in what you're going to go do and go do it."
Steve Mollenkopf
CEO, Qualcomm
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Gizmo of the Week
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