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Nextdoor Opens a Door to New Marketing Opportunities

December 2020, Issue #4

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December 2020 Issue 4 Media Measurement Newsletter
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Media Measurement News is a weekly educational newsletter published by, the media monitoring and measurement service, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications. was previously CyberAlert LLC.
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Featured Post
Nextdoor Opens a Door to New Marketing Opportunities
Image source: Nextdoor
Nextdoor offers an excellent PR and marketing venue for small and medium-sized local businesses and nonprofits. Organizations with physical locations can capitalize on Nextdoor's emphasis on local neighborhoods. Its practice of verifying identities and addresses of users sets it apart from other social media networks and creates a superb channel for localized marketing. Read More »

The 2021 Employee Communications Priority: Promoting Covid-19 Vaccinations
Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash
Companies must undertake determined communications efforts to convince employees to take Covid-19 vaccinations next year. They'll also need to make tough decisions about mandating vaccinations. Read More »
Influencer Marketing Proves Resilient, Looks to 2021 Rebound
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
While the number of influencers' sponsored posts dropped this year, their posts gained more attention, new research reveals. Brands that maintained influencer marketing budgets during Covid-19 disruptions may have gained a marketing advantage. Read More »
12 Tips to Prepare Executives for Successful Media Interviews
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
While Covid-19 accelerated the trend to remote interviews on Zoom, the underlying basics of successful media interviews remain unchanged. It's still incumbent on communications professionals to prepare and train business executives and subject matter experts for media interviews. Read More »
Top 2020 Public Relations Blunders and Lessons Learned
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
There have been a bevy of major PR blunders in 2020 in politics and business. There have also been many minor ones. Both major and minor PR blunders offer crucial lessons for PR professionals. Read More »
10 Steps to Win Major Earned Media Mentions during Quarterly Earnings Season
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Achieving favorable media mentions for quarterly earnings releases can be challenging, but proper PR practices greatly improve the odds. Read More »
Last Weeks Articles
10 Most Common Media Monitoring & Measurement Mistakes - And How to Fix Them
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay
Fixing these common mistakes will unleash the full benefits of media monitoring and measurement. Following recommended best practices when setting up search parameters and analyzing results enables companies to obtain accurate information, reach better decisions, and meet their business goals. Read More »
PR & Marketing Ponder the Future of Work from Home
Photo by Standsome Worklifestyle on Unsplash
Most PR and marketing personnel prefer to work from home indefinitely, but a significant number are eager to return to company offices. Agencies and corporate communications departments will need to balance those preferences. Read More »

Data Breaches Spike: How Communications Teams Can Respond

3 Important PR & Marketing Predictions for 2021

3 Actionable Tips to Improve SEO Writing

Steps to Developing a Positioning Statement as a Foundation of PR Communications

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From the Archives
Conferences and Webinars
Webinar: How to Move from Pitching Products to Marketing Your Point of View, Jan. 12 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Presented by MarktingProfs.
Webinar: PRSA Storytellers Series: Leading With Ethics — A View From the Top, Feb.4, 2021, 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern time. Presented by the PRSA.
Conference: B2B Marketing Exchange, Feb. 22-24 in Scottsdale, AZ. Produced by Demand Gen Report.
Conference: Social Media Marketing World, Feb. 28 to March 2 in San Diego. Presented by Social Media Examiner.
Conference: International Conference on Communications Management and Public Relations (ICCMPR), March 11-12 in Miami, FL. Organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology.
Conference: IPR Bridge Conference, Sept. 23-24 at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. Presented by the Institute for Public Relations. Individual registration: $495.
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Factoids of the Week
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At least 75% of the population must receive the Covid-19 vaccine for life to return to normal. (Dr. Anthony Fauci)Tweet this!
67% of Nextdoor members share recommendations for local businesses. (Nextdoor)Tweet this!
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Quote of the Week
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Holiday Reminder

"You're going to come in contact with an awful lot of people who are at their absolute breaking point this season. Friends, family, co-workers, teachers, strangers in the grocery store, retail workers. While it may be the merriest time of the year for some, it's the saddest, loneliest, most stressful, most heartbreaking for so many others. We're all busy, but we're not too busy to be kind, caring, and patient. Remember the best thing you can give someone right now is love."
Amy Weatherly
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