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Photo credit: Ryan Johnson

By Monique Rivers

In social media marketing, timing is vital. Remember that amazing Oreo joke sent during the Super Bowl blackout in 2013? One little cookie joke got 15,000 retweets and 20,000 likes on Facebook – all because it was perfectly contextualized and sent at just the right time. 

Social networks have high and low traffic times and it’s in your best interest to know precisely when your target audiences check their news feeds.

Here are some recent research findings to help you time your posts to get maximum exposure.

Tweet in late evenings

A study from TrackMaven showed that tweets sent from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET tend to be favorited and retweeted the most. This research was based on analysis of over 1.7 million tweets, so it’s pretty reliable.

If you think about it for a moment, it actually makes sense. Late evenings usually have low tweet volume, so tweets don’t compete for virality.

Tweeting over the weekend

According to TrackMaven, the best day for tweeting is Sunday. This actually agrees with a different finding from Dan Zarella, a recognized author and social media expert.

His research finds that tweets posted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday had higher CTRs than on other days of the week. (Our own experience at CyberAlert indicates that tweeting for a B2B business receives better response on business days.)

Find your micro-opportunity window 

The following tip is from Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert, whose social media strategies are especially relevant for B2B marketing. People in business are in meetings during the day and meetings are usually scheduled on the hour or half-hour – so it’s best to post just before or right after the top of the hour.

How to effectively communicate on Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, response speed counts a lot. A study by Lithium Technologies reports that 53 percent of consumers who tweet a brand expect a response within an hour. If the tweet in question is a complaint, things get even more intense –that figure rises to a smashing 72 percent!

To avoid Twitter PR disasters, make sure to always track your response time and always respond appropriately to customers who indicate or imply they expect a response.   

The lifecycle of a Facebook post

This point is something every marketer should know. In a recent study, Digital Insights demonstrated that 75% of engagement on a Facebook post happens during its first five hours.

Once those five hours pass, the post almost disappears from social consciousness. What does it mean for you? Make sure that those first five hours count by promoting your post at the right time and sharing it to other social networks.

Posting on Friday is worth the trouble

Adobe recently analyzed over 225 billion Facebook posts and came up with a very important insight published in its Social Intelligence Report.

Apparently, when it comes to engagement on Facebook, the best day is Friday. Content posted on this day receives more likes, shares and comments than it would on a different day. This is an insight that can revolutionize your posting schedule.


Over the last couple of years, Pinterest has grown into an impressive social network that attracts many users. Its analytics team recently unveiled a very interesting research finding on its company blog.  

Pinterest is ruled by a different trend every day. While pins about fitness are popular on Monday, Wednesday is a perfect day for inspirational quotes and Saturdays are all about traveling. When scheduling your posts on this social network, take this finding into account. It’s possible that your content will receive much more attention on a different day of the week.

Looking at the above findings only confirms that in social media, proper timing isn’t everything, but it can improve results dramatically.