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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
January 2013 Issue #1
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Article

Poll: Most Industries Are Losing Consumers' Trust

The Harris Poll / Forbes
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Courtesy of AJ Cann
Consumers have lost trust in most of corporate America, The Harris Poll recently revealed. The poll surveyed thousands of adults in November and found that trust level of businesses among Americans has dropped for 18 of the 19 industries covered in the survey. How can brands redeem themselves? PR should use media monitoring and measurement tools to identify issues -- and bring the issues to the C-suite's attention. Bottom line: To improve reputation, companies must attend to the 3 T's of the business-consumer relationship: Truth, Trust and Transparency. Read More >
Public Relations

CyberAlert Names Three 2014 Grants Recipients; Extends Application to Jan. 7

CyberAlert Blog

CyberAlert has named the first three nonprofit organizations to receive a year of free media monitoring as part of the company's 2014 PR Grants Program: The Women Veterans Business Center, the Council on Health Research for Development, and Point Foundation. Today is the final day for nonprofits to apply for a CyberAlert PR Grant. Read More >

How to Secure a Solid Brand Reputation

Search Engine Watch
Media Monitoring for Crisis Prevention photo ffffff
Courtesy of SEO Worldwide
As brands engage in long-term reputation-building techniques through media monitoring and measurement, they can also employ short-term practices via SEO techniques to produce a better search ranking position. George Fischer explains how PR managers can utilize SEO best practices, including social media optimization, image and video optimization, press release syndication, organic search and paid search. Read More >

Tips and Tools to Avoid Spelling Errors in PR Campaigns

HubSpot / Business2Community
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Sara
Many PR campaign failures are completely preventable. Ginny Soskey shares examples of campaigns-gone-wrong that serve as lessons on why companies mustn't take the editing process likely (ooops). The typo examples illustrate that proofreading is an essential function in any PR or marketing campaign. All writers should take advantage of free online tools that catch spelling and grammar mistakes to improve content and avoid embarrassment. Proofreading tools in the Word software are not sufficient. Read More >

Negative Online Reviews: How to Find, Respond and Learn from Them

Forbes / Mack Collier
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Moondustwriter
It's no secret that online reviews can define a business's reputation. But it takes more than awareness and concern to tackle negative reviews. It's important for PR manager to recognize what type of complainer they're addressing before they respond to bad reviews. Mack Collier lists three distinct types of online complainers — angry customers, passionate fans, and trolls — and how to respond to each. Read More >

Using Influencer Outreach to Enhance PR Efforts

Bulldog Reporter
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin
While press releases generate links and brand awareness, they're not enough to elevate corporate and brand messages. The most successful PR programs include support of influencers to build reach and credibility. The five-step process for a successful influencer program: know brand objectives, focus on your target audience, lead with the value proposition, launch the program and measure the results. Read More >

The Year's Most Entertaining PR Campaigns and Stunts
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Qualcomm
It's helpful to read articles about how to execute successful PR campaigns, but it's more entertaining the watch the campaigns happen. Rich Leigh looks back at the year's best PR campaigns, from Fanta's tasteable print ads to Coca-Cola's free money giveaway, and includes videos that capture how the events unfolded and their audience's reactions. Read More >
Marketing& Social Media

Food Industry Uses Customer Complaints to Improve Products, Reputation

The New York Times
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Chris Harrison
Social media enables consumers and advocacy groups to pressure companies to change. Sometimes, they get exactly the response they want from companies, as described in The New York Times' recent article. The piece spotlights consumers and bloggers who used social media to force big-name food companies like Chick-fil-A to reconsider the ingredients in their menu items. Read More >

The 2014 Guide to Social Media: 10 Bits of Advice from Experts

Pew Research Center / Heidi Cohen / Search Engine Watch
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Pew Research Center
With nearly three-quarters of online adults now using a social networking site, PR and marketing pros must understand the latest social media trends and tips to engage with their audience. CyberAlert compiled 10 of the most important tactics for 2014 social media strategies, based on advice from marketing experts Heidi Cohen and Lisa Buyer. Read More >

Tips for Improving Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Marketing Performances

Unbounce /12most / Social Marketing Writing
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Maria Elena
Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will remain the top three social media giants in 2014. Each network is different and thus requires different tactics to manage. Three recent articles address best practices to utilize each social network and increase engagement, followers, site visitors and sales. Read More >

Social Media Addiction is the New Norm: How to Create Better Sharing Experiences

Brian Solis
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Charlene deGuzman
Some people - older generations, especially - shake their heads at phone users' "addictions" and lack of manners. But Brian Solis acknowledges that society's addiction to social media is now the new norm. Social media isn't going anywhere; so for a better social experience, we must re-train ourselves in how we use social media, not how often. Read More >
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White Papers and eBooks
Local SEO White Paper. The what, why and how of putting your business on the local map how to make local SEO an essential part of your marketing plan.
8 Steps to a Better Social Media Mix. A step-by-step guide for determining your social media strategy and the proper mix of marketing channels, including: Twitter, blogs, Facebook and email.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Marketing Positions
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"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain — and most fools do."
Benjamin Franklin
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53% of Twitter users also have an Instagram account, and vice-versa. (Pew Research Center)Tweet this
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