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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
January 2013 Issue #1
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Article

Cyberbullying in Social Media: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Breitbart / Danny Brown / Jay Baer
Cyberbully ffffff
Blogs and social media posts that condemn individuals for their statements and actions have become commonplace. Yet few see these posts for what they really are: cyberbullying. In a recent case, former PR director Justine Sacco was the subject of social media backlash after she tweeted a racist message on Twitter. Did she deserve career-ruining scrutiny and public humiliation? Read More >
Public Relations

How Millennials Search For, Consume and Share their News

Kim Beasley / yPulse
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Cristiano Betta
B2C brands with millennials in their target demographic should understand how and where the younger generation obtains news. Such insight can help PR and marketing better utilize the millennials' favored news sources and channels. Among findings: social media is 18- to 29-year-olds' most popular news source, but millennial readers are wisely skeptical about its accuracy. Read More >

Tips & Tools to Improve Headlines, CTAs and Content

Vocus / ClickZ
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Daniel Novta
Writers of PR content can make simple changes to improve their headlines and calls-to-action (CTAs). For example, a CTA with "Create Your Account" performed 25 percent worse than the CTA, "Create My Account." Another study added "It's free" to a signup offer, and conversions increased by nearly 30 percent. Read More >

PR Puzzle: Does Traditional Media Matter Much Anymore?

Independent / PR Week
photo ffffff
Courtesy of faungg's photo
Two recent articles by Ian Burrell and Lisa Noble take opposing stands on PR's place in journalism, and examine whether traditional media still matters. Burrell asserts the new PR strategy is to bypass traditional news outlets (earned media) by generating content delivered directly to the public in owned or paid media. Lisa Noble, however, insists original content and new media complement — but do not replace —traditional media. Read More >

How to Measure PR Success through Media Mentions

photo ffffff
Courtesy of João Trindade
When evaluating media placement, it's essential to understand the quantitative and qualitative analyses, both of which can deliver tangible data to calculate ROI and plan strategically. Media monitoring services deliver key data that PR can benchmark against competitors to assess performance. Read More >
Marketing& Social Media

The Content Shock: Will Information Overload End Content Marketing?

Mark Schaefer / Shel Holtz
Content Shock ffffff
Courtesy of Bruce Guenter
Mark Schaefer asserts that eventually, content marketing will no longer be sustainable for many businesses. People can only consume a limited amount of content, and a content shock will occur as its supply exponentially expands and people's ability to consume it remains finite. Shel Holtz, however, insists content marketing is here to stay because PR and marketers will continuously innovate new channels for content. Is content marketing a lasting trend, or will it perish once content supply exceeds consumers' demand and need for information? Read More >
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Chris Harrison
Brands can glean important customer and market insights from social media monitoring, but it's what they do with the information that leads to better products and enhances their company's image. Tamara Littleton lists ways for companies and brands to act on social media monitoring data, pairing each method with real-world examples of brands that successfully implemented them. Read More >

SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media: Finding the Right Balance

McKinsey / The Guardian
photo ffffff
Email and social media both pale in comparison to the marketing results generated by SEO marketing, according to a McKinsey survey. This is likely due to marketing's lack of resources allocated for social media. For best results, marketers should utilize all three marketing methods and find the "right blend" of SEO, email and social media marketing. Read More >

Video Marketing Tips for Promoting YouTube Videos and Channels
photo ffffff
Courtesy of YouTube
All resources invested into creating and producing a social media video goes to waste without an effective marketing strategy. Jason R. Rich explains how marketers can place their brands in front of millions of video viewers through YouTube tools, PR integration and third-party collaboration. The tips are especially helpful for small and mid-sized businesses looking to gain traction for their YouTube channel. Read More >

Collecting Insight from Basic Marketing Metrics

Marketing Profs
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Sean MacEntee
Marketers can improve their content strategy even with the most basic metrics — and sometimes, that's all it takes. Alesia Krush breaks down traffic, engagement, social shares, inbound links and conversion rates and explains how to measure them, and how to use those measurements to improve marketing. Read More >
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Conferences and Webinars
Crisis PR Mastery in Social Media and Beyond: 10 Crisis Management Steps PR Can Use to Defuse Digital Dilemmas, hosted by James Lukaszewski, will be held Jan. 16. The cost to attend the webinar is $349.
Bridging Your Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity in 2014, hosted by Chris Brogan, will be held Jan. 21. The webcast is free to attend.
Digital PR Summit, hosted by PR News, will be held Feb. 4 in San Francisco, CA. The cost to attend is $1,095.
PR & Social Media Measurement Conference, hosted by Ragan Communications and PRSA, will be held Feb. 18 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $745 for members and $895 for non-members.
PRSA 2014 Anvil Awards, hosted by PRSA, is now accepting entries. The PRSA Silver Anvil Awards cost $295 for members and $395 for non-members to apply, and the PRSA Bronze Anvil Awards cost $195 for members and $295 for non-members to apply.
29th Annual Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals International Conference & Exhibition, hosted by SCIP, will be held May 5 in Orlando, FL. The cost to attend is $1,450 for members and $2,100 for non-members.
White Papers and eBooks
2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner. Findings dive deep into the tactics of digital content marketing, including the tactical maneuvers made by 500+ marketing organizations and guidance on differentiating your own content marketing strategy.
The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics. This eBook shows marketing pros how to talk the talk of C-level executives in terms of forecasting and reporting, and walk the walk to the revenue table by leveraging metrics that matter.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
PR Specialist - Tableu Software
PR Account Supervisor, Public Affairs & Energy - Hill+Knowlton
Project Manager, Public Relations - Pike Electric, Inc.
PR/Communications Manager - Stage 4 Solutions, Inc.
Media Relations Specialist - Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.
Community Relations & Communications Specialist - Amazon Corporate, LLC
Communications Analyst - ANSON Communications
Public Relations Manager - Verizon Wireless
Marketing Positions
Director of Marketing - Roush Enterprises
Marketing Communications Manager - Young Innovations, Inc.
Social Media Specialist, Field Marketing - Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Marketing Manager - Neiman Marcus
Communications Coordinator, Marketing - Production Resource Group
Marketing Coordinator - SmithGroup JJR
Email Marketing Specialist - Twitter
Marketing Manager - SunGard
Quote of the Week
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"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt
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Quotes of the Week
Factoids of the Week
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69% of millennials (born in 80s or 90s) would rather be informed by reporters who are older than them. (Ypulse)Tweet this
Customized landing pages for links in an email offer can increase conversion rates by more than 25%. (McKinsey)Tweet this
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Factoids of the Week
End of Year Special
Best of Previous Issues
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Best of Previous Issues
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