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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
February 2014 Issue #4
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Articles

Your Competitors Are Listening on Social Media. Are You?

ExactTarget / 60-Second Marketer
Digital Marketing Organization Areas of Focus ffffff
If you're not listening to your customers, your competitors probably are. 60% of marketers use social media monitoring in their strategy, and 24% reported they plan to use it in 2014, according to ExactTarget's 2014 State of Marketing. By incorporating social media monitoring into your daily work process, it's possible to find key insights, strengths and weaknesses about your brand and competitors. Read More >
Public Relations

Photojournalism Methods that Will Enhance Your Press Release

'Photojournalism Methods that Will Enhance Your Press Release
Courtesy of jonwick04
The media want eye-catching photos and graphics that tell compelling stories. Learning what photographers and the media look for can help PR pros develop better visuals for press releases, blogs and social media. A Gizmodo article offers a glimpse at the process wire service photographers use to capture and share high-quality photos. Also included: the media's criteria for front-page photo placement. Read More >

PR and Press Releases: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

CyberAlert Blog / The Daily Banter
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Courtesy of Thomas S
Fewer jobs in journalism have resulted in more "ripping and reading" of news releases word-for-word with no editorial oversight. In one way, it's a PR dream: the press release runs with no changes in multiple outlets. But to quote Uncle Ben from Spiderman: "With great power comes great responsibility." New PR opportunities to place stories without change imposes a new responsibility to develop more newsworthy content. Read More >

The Roles of PR Beyond Pitches & Press Releases

PR Beyond Pitches & Press Releases
Courtesy of Josh Hallett. Image has been altered.
Companies and brands are now moving toward an integrated communications model — one which bulldozes silos and blends the roles of PR and marketing. The result: PR is assuming more responsibility for what were once marketing roles: content marketing and SEO. Integrating these two marketing techniques into PR opens new opportunities to build links, brand mentions and media relationships. Read More >

Finding the Perfect Time to Pitch a Story

Shift Communications / Forbes
Finding the Perfect Time to Pitch a Story ffffff
Courtesy of Russ Neumeier
Everyone in PR pursues the optimal media placement. One technique to boost your chances for prime placement: Google Trends. Enter the topic into Google Trends and study the graph to find its inflection point — when the topic is gaining momentum in Google searches. Read More >

How to Be Great at PR: Define Your Company and Challenge Yourself

Jason Falls / Diane Schwartz
Everyone has the Power for Greatness ffffff
A "great" PR firm doesn't require perfection. Nor does it mean always being able to tell your clients, "Yes." PR should strive to deliver results they can guarantee will be great, rather than offer random deliverables that may fall apart. A great firm: 1) defines company values, capabilities and weaknesses, and 2) defines individual strengths and areas for improvement. Read More >

New Approaches to Storytelling in PR

Jeff Korhan /
New Approaches to Storytelling in PR ffffff
Courtesy of Mike Shaheen
The best stories are those that inspire new thoughts, come from personal experiences, and show rather than tell the brand's message. Immersive experiences usually provide highly shareable content for the press and bring the media to the brand. One example of an immersive experience: Google's launch of the Explorer Program for tech writers, software developers and other influencers as a beta release for Google Glass. Read More >

Random Acts of Kindness in Business: How to Pay It Forward

CyberAlert Blog
Random Acts of Kindness in Business ffffff
Courtesy of Timothy K Hamilton
Last week was Random Acts of Kindness Week, an event that encourages individuals to do something kind for strangers, friends or colleagues. But the idea shouldn't be limited to one week of the year or to individuals. Companies and brands, too, can perform their own "pay-it-forward" good deeds with customers, followers or the community in general — and often profit in the process. Read More >
Marketing& Social Media

Using Online Surveys to Advance Your Marketing Program

Netigate / Institute for PR / SurveyMonkey
Using Online Surveys to Advance Your Marketing Program ffffff
Courtesy of Sean MacEntee
Why should you use online surveys in your marketing program? Several reasons: it helps companies build reputation, supplies data to use for content marketing, generates media placements and reveals important data about target audiences. To assure surveys are issued properly and return accurate results, marketers should learn common mistakes and types of questions to avoid. Read More >

Brands Lag in Customer Experience Expectations; How Can Marketers Recover?

Brands Lag in Customer Experience Expectations ffffff
Courtesy of bloeise
One of the primary trends of 2014 is the accelerating shift of control from seller to buyer, Econsultancy reports in its "Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2014 Digital Trends." Most all customers can now readily access multiple media and devices to inform their purchasing decisions. The report outlines ways marketers can meet customer demands and maintain brand loyalty. Read More >

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners and Experts [Infographic]

Constant Contact / Who Is Hosting This
Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners and Experts ffffff
Pinterest is the hidden gem of social media marketing. It's proven to deliver results, yet many companies still haven't jumped on the bandwagon. We've assembled several articles and an infographic that offer tips for marketers just starting out on Pinterest, as well as those who are already active on the social media channel. Read More >

How Marketers & Influencers Are Using Social Media

Jeff Bullas / Lori R. Taylor
How Marketers & Influencers Are Using Social Media ffffff
Courtesy of Leadtail
Every marketing program is different, but it's always instructive to study what's trending. The top five mainstream news sources shared by marketers are Forbes, Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Buzzfeed, according to a Leadtail and DNN marketing survey. The report also revealed the Twitter accounts that marketers find most influential and the most popular hashtags shared by marketers, among other findings. Read More >

Social Media Giveaways: Accounting for Costs & Measuring Success

Heidi Cohen
Social Media Giveaway ffffff
Social media giveaways and contests attract new customers and encourage future sales. But marketers often fail to calculate the giveaway's costs accurately and risk putting a big dent into potential profits. Heidi Cohen explains that costs of social media giveaways entail far more than the cost of the sample: promotion, fulfillment and delivery costs must also be factored into the budget. Read More >
More Articles We Like

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This very funny day-in-the-life summary will give PR folks a better appreciation of why journalists are so cranky.

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Quick Thought #6: The Value of Negativity

"Why Negativity is Really Awesome" by Megan McArdle in this week's issue of Bloomberg Businessweek is a must-read for decision-makers in companies, government organizations and not-for-profits from the CEO to project managers. The gist of the article: grating in-house critics can be your most valuable employees — if you make yourself listen. In almost every major business or government failure, including the Challenger space shuttle disaster, there were clear, reasoned warnings that went unheeded. Why? Because large organizations fall victim to "groupidity," a form of groupthink in which the group is willing to take risks that the individuals recognize as stupid. Read More >
Conferences and Webinars
Webinar: Tips for Using Data and Automation to Drive Engagement, hosted by Direct Marketing News, will be held Feb. 27. The webinar is free to attend.
Webinar: Position Yourself for the Collaborative Economy, hosted by Jeremiah Owyang, will be held March 5. The webinar is free to attend.
SXSW Interactive, hosted by SXSW, will be held March 7 in Austin, TX. The cost to attend is $1,195.
Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications, hosted by PRSA and Ragan Communications, will be held April 2 in Lake Buena Vista, FL. The cost to attend is $1,045 for members and $1,295 for non-members.
PR News' Measurement Conference, hosted by PR News, will be held April 18 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $995.
Strategic Corporate Communications and Research Conference, hosted by PRSA and Prime Research, will be held May 15 in New York, NY. The cost to attend is $695 for PRSA members and $845 for non-members.
White Papers and eBooks
The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analytics. Marketo. A guide to talking the talk of C-level executive in terms of forecasting and reporting, and walking the walk to the revenue table by leveraging metrics that matter.
Benefits and Risks of Social Media for Financial Disclosure. Business Wire. A review of the history of financial disclosure that assesses the risks associated with disclosure via today's social channels, and discusses the ways communicators can expand the visibility and impact of issued news via these same channels.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Assistant PR Manager, Global Communications - The Estee Lauder Companies
Consumer Public Relations Leader - Airbnb
Corporate Communications Coordinator - Chaparral Energy
Entertainment Publicist - FRANK PR
Communications & Outreach Manager, Department of Ecology - State of Washington
Media Relations Consultant - Spectrum Health
Public Relations Manager - Potomac Communications Group
Public Relations Specialist - The Nielsen Company
Marketing Positions
Marketing Communications Manager - Murtha Cullina LLP
Acquisition Marketing Specialist - Blueport Commerce
Strategic Marketing Consultant - Kaiser Permanente
Sr. Marketing Communication Manager - Becton Dickinson & Co.
Marketing Technology Administrator - Harris Beach PLLC
Digital Strategist - Mike's Hard Lemonade Co.
Manager, Communications - Just Marketing International
Brand Marketing Manager - Blue Buffalo Co.
Quote of the Week
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"With every setback, there's a chance to come back."
Liberty Mutual Insurance
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Quotes of the Week
Factoids of the Week
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49% of brand marketers agree that mass reach via TV ads won't be an effective tactic within five years. (Econsultancy)Tweet this
70% of leading companies identify "improving the brand image through social media" as their most important strategic initiative. (Aberdeen Group)Tweet this
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Factoids of the Week
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