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Top 10 PR Measurement Atrocities and How You Can Avoid Them

February 2015 Issue #4

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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
February 2015 Issue #4
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Media Monitoring News is a weekly educational newsletter published by CyberAlert LLC, the media monitoring company, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications.
Featured Article
CyberAlert / Paine Publishing
Top 10 PR Measurement Atrocities and How You Can Avoid Them
Bad PR measurement practices persist even while PR has become more conscious of and conscientious about measurement. Katie Delahaye Paine, the queen of measurement, examines the 10 most common PR measurement blunders including improper search terms, multipliers, not testing data, using b.s. benchmarks, and unrealistic measurement budgets. Among all the PR measurement atrocities, however, the most flagrant may still be not measuring at all or merely counting clips. Read More »
Public Relations
eReleases / Bulldog Reporter / The Creative Group
Email Etiquette Tips for PR Professionals
Photo credit: miniyo73
Public relations professionals can succeed or fail with their email practices. Unfortunately, embarrassing gaffes are all too common when PR pros fail to follow rules of email etiquette. PR pros who flout email etiquette may be perceived as unprofessional and/or lazy. Those who follow proper email form are more likely to secure media placements and gain professional respect. Read More »
Pew Research / ProPublica
Is Public Relations the New Journalism?
Photo credit: Roger H. Goun
PR is increasingly acting as its own media outlet by publishing content on corporate websites and social media channels. Although many experts disapprove of the development, PR pros are now superseding journalists as content creators. The new position creates new responsibilities for PR practitioners. Read More »
Constant Contact / Bizzabo
The Role of Social Media in Event Promotion
Photo credit: Maryland GovPics
Social media has emerged as a primary tool to promote most any type of event, including conferences, webinars and fundraisers. Social media is especially useful in promoting an event to new potential attendees. Here are tips on how to use social media to build buzz about your event, attract registrants, and help keep registrants informed as the event approaches. Read More »
Online Reputation Management
Steps to Effective Online Reputation Management
Managing an organization's reputation in social media can be as hard as herding unruly cats. Criticisms spreading on social media can quickly soil corporate and brand reputations. It's imperative for organizations to monitor mentions of their names in order to respond swiftly, resolve complaints and make amends when needed. Using proven online reputation management techniques can keep your organization's good name purring. Read More »
Mindful Presenter / Tracy Presentation Skills
Techniques for Handling a Confrontational Audience
Photo credit: Next Berlin
Some audiences are so hostile they seem eager to tar and feather the speaker. Corporate executives and public relations professionals may encounter antagonistic audiences in meetings with community or business groups or even boards or committees. This advice from leading presentation experts will help your handle combative audiences. Read More »
Marketing& Social Media
PR Measurement Handbook: Proving PRs Worth Through Measurement
CyberAlert's new Social Media Measurement Handbook provides in-depth analysis of social media metrics and contains a collection of tips and strategy suggestions from leading measurement experts. The free ebook addresses crucial questions brands are pondering such as: What's the best way to quantify value of social media marketing? What are the best metrics? How should engagement be measured? And what's the best way to measure social media marketing's impact on key business objectives like sales and reputation? Read More »
CyberAlert / Guest Post by Adrienne Erin
How to Build Quality Links with Your Job Postings
Photo credit: SEO Planter
Is your company currently hiring? Are you also trying to market your brand through quality links and referrals? Believe it or not, you can turn those job postings and employment ads into quality links for search engine optimization (SEO). You could even make it a regular practice to increase your brand's engagement and website traffic. Read More »
More Social Media Posts Do Not Equal More Engagement
Photo credit: HubSpot
A study of over 7,000 businesses using social media reveals a wealth of data and insights into social media engagement. Most interestingly, an examination of posting and engagement rates by industries and organization size shows no correlation between the number of posts and the number of likes, shares or retweets. If anything, the analysis indicates a slight negative correlation. In addition, the study finds that including images in posts does not increase engagement levels. Read More »
Origami Logic / Socialbakers
Social Media Measurement: How to Determine Your Engagement Rate
Photo credit: Horia Varlan
Engagement rate is an indispensable metric for social media marketers. Marketers can use engagement rate to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns, compare themselves against competitors, and identify content worthy of further promotion. The multiple ways of calculating engagement rate each have pros and cons. Read More »
Huffington Post / Fusion
Will Snapchat Revolutionize Published Content on Mobile Devices?
Photo credit: Yuko Honda
Marketers looking toward the future will keep an eye on Snapchat Discover, a new mobile-friendly, video-oriented news service that may well revolutionize the consumption and formats of mobile content. Snapchat has found how to package third-party mobile-friendly content, a long-sought-after goal. The service could also shake up the publishers' relationships with other social media networks. Read More »
Buffer / Simply Measured
Quick Thought #25: A/B Tests for Twitter Tweets - New Marketing Analytics Tool
Photo credit: marek.sotak
There's a new free online tool to A/B test the effectiveness of copy for a tweet. Developed by researchers at Cornell University with financial support from the National Science Foundation and Google, the software algorithm performs side-by-side assessment of two versions of a tweet and predicts which version has the better chance of being popular. As described in Mashable, tests of thousands of tweets by the researchers seem to indicate that the algorithm has predictive power and that the tool may help businesses and brands identify better copy choices to use in their Twitter promotions. Suggestion: Run your own A/B tests. Put two versions of the same message into the tweet evaluator and record its results. Then, tweet both versions and measure results in terms of retweets, favorites, reach and any other metrics you favor. Do it for at least 10 different tweets. Compare your results to the online software prediction. Either way, the results will guide your future content development. Read More »
Other Articles to Help You
The Atlantic
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (AP)
Silicon Valley Watcher
Social Media Today
The New York Times
Conferences and Webinars
Webinar: Media Pitching for 2015, Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. Sponsored by PRSA. Free for members. Nonmembers $200.
Webinar: 6 Business Goals for Content Marketing, Feb. 25 at 1:30 p.m. EST. Sponsored by Brafton. Free.
Webinar: 7 Tips for Generating Content for Automated Emails, Feb. 26 at 1 p.m., Sponsored by SilverPop. Free.
Webinar: 7 Tips for Generating Content for Automated Emails, Feb. 26 at 1 p.m., Sponsored by SilverPop. Free.
Webinar: The True Promise of Social PR, Feb. 26 from 3 to 4 p.m. Sponsored by the PRSA. Free for members. Full price: $200
Webinar: Handling Negative Comments and Attacks from Customers, March 4 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST. Sponsored by Lorman, $99.
Conference: Summit, The Digital Marketing Conference, March 9 to 13, Salt Palace Convention Center Salt Lake City. Organized by Adobe Systems Inc. Full price $1,895.
Webinar: Prevention is Better than Cure: Avoid Blacklists and Improve Reputation, March 12 at 1 p.m. EST. Sponsored by Xverify. Free.
Conference: Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, March 30 to April 1 in Las Vegas. Standard price $2995.
Conference: PR Measurement Conference, March 12, Washington, DC. Sponsored by the PRSA. $845 for members.
Conference: Crisis Management Workshop, March 12, National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by PR News.
Conference: MarTech, The Marketing and Technology Conference, March 31 to April 1, Hilton San Francisco Union Square. $49 for an expo pass. $1,295 for an all-access pass.
Conference: PR Measurement Conference, April 20, National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by PR News.
Conference: Counselors to Higher Education Senior Summit, April 15-19, Washington, DC. Sponsored by the PRSA. $710 for members by March 16.
Best of Previous Issues
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Assistant Director of Research Communications - Pennsylvania State University
Marketing Communications Strategist - University of Oregon
Specialist, SAF Emergency Communications Center - American Red Cross
Executive Director - International Book Project
Director of Marketing and Communications - Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
Marketing Positions
Membership Marketing Manager - Text and Academic Authors Association
VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy - The New England Center for Investigative Reporting
Associate Director, Digital Engagement - University Advancement - University of Denver
Marketing Project Manager - Olomana Loomis ISC
Marketing & Fund Development Coordinator - Open Door
Sr Market Manager, Community Engagement - American Cancer Society
Quote of the Week
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"No, you can't own a conversation. But you can own relationships. And the relationships you create are your defense against missteps and critics."
Scott Monty
EVP, Shift Communications
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Quote of the Week
Factoids of the Week
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67% of marketers say increasing sales directly attributable to digital marketing campaigns is a top priority this year. (Forbes)Tweet this!
67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing to be their most effective strategy. (Social Fresh)Tweet this!
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The 2014 Measurement Handbook for PR, Marketing and Social Media
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