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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
March 2013 Issue #1
The selected articles in Media Monitoring News this week concentrate on our core topics of media monitoring and measurement. Our feature article contains instructive data on how consumers feel about social media monitoring. Then, an article from Search Engine Watch offers detailed analysis of different formulas to measure the benefits of social media. There are also articles on how to eliminate measurement silos and on au courant topics in measurement.

The New York Times article on Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook and her attempt to start a new woman's movement should appeal to women who are chafing at gender-related issues in business - and to all men who employ professional women.

We've also included some follow-up articles on the Tesla Motors vs. New York Times controversy that continues to attract attention.

We also call your attention to the controversy over the new high-level domains being created by ICANN - possibly forcing companies to buy additional domains to protect their corporate and brand reputations.

It's an interesting issue.

Happy reading!
William J. Comcowich
CyberAlert, Inc.

Featured Article:

*How Social Media Monitoring Impacts Consumer Relationships [Infographic]

Most every newer technology has marketplace issues. Companies doing social media monitoring need to be sensitive to consumer concerns about privacy. Unfortunately, the population is about evenly divided between those what want and expect companies and brands to monitor their comments and those who think social media monitoring by business is an intrusion on their privacy. How Social Media Monitoring Impacts Consumer Relationships looks at reactions of different demographic groups to social "listening" by brands. The article and infographic contain some informative data such as: 32% of people have no idea companies are listening online; 43% think social media listening by companies is an intrusion on their privacy; and more. The data offer important insights into consumer expectations and some guidelines on proper listening approaches. Companies need to be cautious in their approaches to social media monitoring. Lord help the company that breaches Facebook "friends" without an invitation. Brian Solis dissected the NetBase infographic in Are Businesses Invading Consumer Privacy by Listening to Social Media Conversations, including a link to the SlideShare Social Listening vs. Digital Privacy that contains the data from the study. As an indicator of the interest in the issue, the SlideShare presentation had nearly 8,000 views after only a few days.

Table of Contents
Best Recent PR & Marketing Articles
   *Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits
   PR Measurement: The Search for Consistent and Credible Metrics
   History of Media Monitoring [Infographic]
   A Better Way to Measure Consumer Influence
   A Titan's How-To on Breaking the Glass Ceiling
   *Lessons in PR: Tesla Motors vs. New York Times
   Should Brands Have Newsrooms?
   Brands Brace for Deluge of New Domains in April
   Lessons from America's Foremost Gas Station
   The Rich See a Different Internet than the Poor
   Daily Infographic
   Social Media Marketing Wins & Fails [Infographic]
   Curb Your Internet Addiction: 5 Tips
PR Meetings, Webinars, White Papers
PR & Marketing Job Openings
Best of Previous Issues
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*Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

Search Engine Watch
The debate about measuring social media often takes place at the 20,000-foot theoretical level. The hard part is in the details of figuring out exactly how best to do it. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits is the most detailed examination of social media measurement yet published - aggregating and analyzing proven formulas. The article also outlines a social media tactic planning process and core goals. Measurement formulas include: Social Media ROI vs. Cost-Based Analysis; advertising value, content value, lead and sales value, and more. It's a MUST READ for anyone involved in developing a measurement program for social media.

PR Measurement: The Search for Consistent and Credible Metrics

International Public Relations Association
Written by Marianne Eisenmann, PR Measurement: The Search for Consistent and Credible Metrics first reviews the progress made by standards-setting organizations in PR measurement. The real value of the article lies in the section on Top of Mind Topics including: impressions vs. influence in social media; measurable business-oriented objectives; new thinking on return on investment; progress in measuring intangibles like relationships.

History of Media Monitoring [Infographic]

Kantar Media (Press Index)
The development of media, press freedom and democracy in the 19th century begat the parallel emergence of media monitoring. History of Media Monitoring presents each of the major stages of media monitoring including personal monitoring by powerful individuals, the founding of the media monitoring industry by Romeike in the U.K. in 1859, the formation of FIBEP, the development of broadcast monitoring in the 1960s, the start of formalized media analysis in the 1970s, the development of online news monitoring in the 1990s, etc., etc. The presentation is very much U.K centered and more than a bit self-serving. The infographic contains no mention of the pioneering U.S press clipping services such as Luce and Burrelle's or transformative digital media monitoring services such as CyberAlert.

A Better Way to Measure Consumer Influence

Advertising Age
Like marketing programs, measurement often exists in silos - PR measurement, media measurement, marketing measurement, and advertising measurement. Now, it's become de rigueur to monitor and measure reviews, recommendations, referrals and other advice from consumers. The problem is how best to measure it and then how to use the data to benefit the marketing program. In parallel with the movement to integrate marketing, A Better Way to Measure Consumer Influence advocates for removing measurement silos and integrating all forms of marketing measurement.

A Titan's How-To on Breaking the Glass Ceiling

New York Times
As chief operating officer of Facebook after stops at the U.S. Treasury Department and Google, Cheryl Sandberg is perched high among the young generation of female business leaders. A Titan's How-To on Breaking the Glass Ceiling is part of an orchestrated media campaign to promote "Lean In," her soon-to-be-released book /manifesto aimed at starting a new women's movement to overcome gender barriers, especially those in business. To that end, Ms. Sandberg is setting up a project in which business women gather in highly-structured meetings to create greater awareness of the gender issues and methods to overcome them individually and culturally. Even before publication, the project has attracted substantial controversy detailed in the article. For PR and marketing professionals, it makes an interesting case-study in book promotion, publicity, personal branding and activism. Off-beat observation: This may be the first time ever the sobriquet "titan" has been applied to a woman in a news headline. Cynics might say that shows progress in breaking down gender barriers.

*Lessons in PR: Tesla Motors vs. New York Times

CyberAlert Blog
When Tesla Motors pitched a multiday journey in their new electric car to the New York Times, the PR people likely envisioned a major coup. It didn't exactly turn out that way - at least in the short run, as the Times reported that the car ran out of charge and had to be towed toward the end of the trip. Lessons in PR: Tesla Motors vs. The New York Times recounts the story and draws some PR lessons from this very public confrontation between Tesla and the Times. Key lessons: It's still unwise to attack the guy with the big printing press; recognize the limitations of rebuttals in social media; tone is crucial in public confrontations. eConsultancy offers another thoughtful analysis in Seven Things Companies Can Learn from the Tesla Motors - New York Times Dispute. Key points: reviews are double edged swords; data alone doesn't win arguments; dirty laundry always stinks up your brand; controversy rarely sways those who haven't made up their minds. For additional background, the Times public editor (who is charged with dissecting journalism issues in the Times) weighed in with an opinion piece entitled Problems With Precision and Judgment, but Not Integrity, in Tesla Test. The headline tells the conclusion. This past Friday, the Times published yet another lengthy recap under the headline After a Charging System Test, a Debate Erupts Online, again demonstrating that the guy with the printing press still carries a big cudgel, especially when challenged. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Elon Musk claimed that the Times controversy has caused a loss of $100 million in stock value and cancellation of a few hundred auto orders. VentureBeat covers the story in NYT's Article Has Cost Tesla $100 Million in Value. Lesson learned: fighting the guy with the big press can be very costly and it's near impossible to get the last word.

Should Brands Have Newsrooms?

Brand newsrooms are a hot new trend in marketing. To believe the hype, every brand should be staffing up with journalists and going 24/7. In reality, the model is not right for the majority of brands. That's according to Should Brands Have Newsrooms? Reason: It's too difficult and expensive to implement. Well, yes, if you think that a newsroom requires independent journalists. But, if it's under the aegis of the PR Department to create content, why not? More published information about brands, especially educational information, has little downside.

Brands Brace for Deluge of New Domains in April

Advertising Age
In April, The International Corporation of Domain Names & Numbers (ICANN) will launch a bevy of new top level domain names such as dot app, dot music, even dot sucks. The new domain extensions are a form of corporate extortion, pure and simple, a money-making scheme to benefit ICANN with no value to the business community or consumers. Brands Brace for Deluge of New Domains examines the issues and protests lodged by major companies. The question: should you buy your corporate or brand name for each and every one of the new top-level domains. Well, most all Internet users are able to differentiate between and Recommendation: don't give in to the extortion.

Omnibus News

Lessons from America's Foremost Gas Station

Andy Sernovitz
Buc-ee's (pronounced Bucky's), a gas station in Texas, has become a must-stop for travelers because of its remarkable promotion program. Lessons from America's Foremost Gas Station reveals key stratagems of the station's promotion that can be applied to many businesses. 1) Do one thing remarkably well. For Buc-ee's, it's super clean restrooms, a gift all travelers appreciate. 2) Put your logo on everything, converting travelers into brand ambassadors. 3) Build anticipation. Buc-ee's advertises on billboards as much as 200 miles away. Nostalgia moment: Burma Shave roadside billboards. Probably ¾ of the U.S. population today has no notion of what they were. As a kid travelling across the country by car with my parents, I enjoyed them immensely and looked forward to the next set of billboards.

The Rich See a Different Internet than the Poor

Scientific America
As a communications professional, you may have a vague understanding that Internet search engines present different results to different people — serving up content based on hidden profiles on us gained from our daily online interactions. The Rich See a Different Internet than the Poor examines the significant implications of seeing different search results (or prices when you're shopping online) based on educational level, income, political persuasion and other demographic factors. Personalization, it seems, may have a dark side.

Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic
If you want to research infographics, Daily Infographic is the premier reference site on infographics, adding at least one great new one each day.

Social Media Marketing Wins & Fails [Infographic]

Social Media Today
The mini case studies in Social Media Marketing Wins & Fails highlight corporate and brand successes and failures in social media in 2012. The wins feature Dollar Shave Club, Nike, Sephora, Honda and "Bully", the movie. Those successes were achieved on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social platforms. The fails include McDonald's, Chick-Fill-A, American Apparel, and Kitchen Aid.

Curb Your Internet Addiction: 5 Tips

Ragan's PR Daily
Around half of young people — including young professionals — incur negative consequences on the other parts of their lives because they spend so much time on the Internet, according to researchers at Swansea University. For those who consistently use the Web (don't we all in communications?), stopping heavy use creates withdrawal effects akin to coming off hardcore drugs. Curb Your Internet Addiction offers five tips. We'll reduce it to two: turn off the notify alarms on your smart phone and find something you enjoy doing off the Internet. (A friend of mine has a workable rule: turn off the smart phone in meetings, at dinner, during sex and while writing, exercising or sleeping.)

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White Paper"Structuring a Social Media Team," How do other organizations—from small nonprofits to multinational corporations—staff a social media team? How many people are using Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms? And what do these professionals earn?
White Paper"Changing Behavior Through PR," PRIME Research, Porter Novelli, Winning Case Study.
White PaperNew Media Relations Strategies for 2013, Visual storytelling has become the norm for news websites.
White PaperAn Introductory Guide: How to Use Twitter for Business, Master the essentials to better share, engage, & market on Twitter.
White PaperHow to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day, Social media can be beneficial for your business, but monitoring different channels can take a lot of time. Where do you start?

PR & Marketing Job Openings

The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Coordinator, Community Relations — Pittsburgh Pirates
Public Relations and Media Coordinator — Michigan Humane Society
PR Manager — Bleacher Report
Public Relations Specialist — The Humane Society of the US
Corporate Communications Coordinator — Bronson Healthcare Group
Community Affairs and Publicity Assistant — Kansas City Royals
Communication Specialist — American Red Cross
Community Relations — American Cancer Society
Communications Coordinator — Brandeis University
Public Relations Specialist — TaylorMade
Marketing Positions
Marketing & Communications Manager — America's Second Harvest
Associate Marketing — National Geographic Channel
Creative Services Associate — Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation
Junior Copywriter — BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc.
Online Marketing Coordinator — Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens
Email Marketing Coordinator — Virgin America
Marketing Coordinator — Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Digital Marketing Specialist — Academy Sports + Outdoors
Campaign Coordinator — Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
International Marketing Associate — Stryker
Marketing Coordinator — National Veterinary Associates

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Determining Your Media Monitoring Needs
Print News Monitoring Vs. Online News Monitoring
Broadcast Monitoring for TV & Radio News
Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Service
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