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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
March 2013 Issue #2
Media Monitoring News this week touches on most every topic of public relations including: media monitoring; pitching and media relations; PR metrics and social media measurement; best practices in social media including Twitter and Pinterest; blogging for PR; crisis management; and more.

Our featured article on "listening," questions automated media monitoring systems that are designed to produce measurements and recommends that companies use staff to actually read social media conversations in order to extract customers' real concerns. As a media monitoring service, we at CyberAlert agree that measurement data is not the raison d'etre of media monitoring. The paramount goal is insight into the marketplace - much of which will not be apparent in statistics, no matter which metrics you use.

There are so many good articles this week that we had difficulty in selecting the three "must read" articles - but in the end we chose articles on pitching and criteria for success on social media.

Happy reading!
William J. Comcowich
CyberAlert, Inc.

Featured Article:

Listening vs. Hearing: A Lesson for Marketers from a Neuroscientist

eContent Magazine
Listening vs. Hearing: A Lesson for Marketers from a Neuroscientist implores brands to listen to customers on social media channels, hear them and use what they are saying to improve the product, services, or processes. Key quote: "My concern is that automating the listening process in this way might actually be undermining the companies' ability to discover new information about potential customers." Bottom line: measurement statistics about social media engagement won't give as much insight as actually reading the posts. Key recommendation: "Companies should devote staff to combing these conversations on a regular basis and delivering detailed reports of new discoveries regarding emerging content memes, themes, and topics. These reports should emphasize opportunities for brand marketers to engage potential customers in dialogue by capitalizing on their interests and passions. In this way, companies can truly begin to develop the skill of listening and harness its power."

Table of Contents
Best Recent PR & Marketing Articles
   Time Magazine's Editor: How to Pitch Reporters
   The Two Most Effective Media Relations Tactics for 2013
   Do News Releases Have SEO Value When Distributed Via a Newswire?
   10 Ways to Measure the ROI of PR
   Analysis: Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) vs. NYTimes - Data Arguments
   Social Media Predictions for 2013
   19 Things Successful People Do on Social Media
   How to Start and Grow a Blog
   How to Measure B2B Social Media Marketing
   5 Tips to Keep Your Brand Hack-Free in Social Media
   Twitter Etiquette: Best Practices
   Harnessing the Power of Pinterest
   DKNY: The Perfect Example of How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis
   Social Media: Early Fade?
   Effective Listening: Your Ears Are the Ultimate In-Box
   40 Entrepreneurship Quotes You've Never Heard
   We Found Our Son on the Subway
PR Meetings, Webinars, White Papers
PR & Marketing Job Openings
Best of Previous Issues
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Time Magazine's Editor: How to Pitch Reporters

Ragan's PR Daily
When Time Magazine's editor-at-large speaks about pitching, PR professionals listen. Even if you've read this article before or think you know all there is to know about pitching journalists, Time Magazine's Editor: How to Pitch Reporters is more than worthwhile to better understand the approaches that work best.

The Two Most Effective Media Relations Tactics for 2013

The Two Most Effective Media Relations Tactics for 2013 are in-bound media relations and real-time media relations. The article details how best to implement each tactic.

Do News Releases Have SEO Value When Distributed Via a Newswire?

Spin Sucks
Spin Sucks offers a detailed analysis of the PR and SEO benefits of news wire releases in Do News Releases Have SEO Value When Distributed Via a Newswire. Answer: yes. But definitely read the piece for the details.

10 Ways to Measure the ROI of PR

Everything PR
Yes, it is possible to measure the ROI of PR. Many brands have been doing it for quite a long time. 10 Ways to Measure the ROI of PR goes beyond the customary quantitative measurements of PR coverage. The suggested measures, however, and the apologia about "intangible value" that may take a while to become apparent may elicit howls from some measurement gurus.

Analysis: Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) vs. NYTimes - Data Arguments

The Atlantic Wire
Two previous issues of Media Monitoring News included analysis of the Tesla Motors vs. New York Times PR controversy over the test drive of the Tesla electric car, a case study that offers many PR lessons. Written by Rebecca Greenfield, Elon Musk's Data Doesn't Back Up His Claims of New York Times Fakery tears apart Musk's data-derived response to the Times article, demonstrating that data-driven arguments for PR purposes seldom convince anyone, especially if the raw data are not included. What the Tesla Affair Tells Us about Data Journalism from the Tow Center of Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School explains how and why data often fail to tell a convincing story. Is Attacking a Smart PR Strategy for Start-Ups in Sword and the Script cautions against engaging in public attacks through the media or in marketing materials, though it leaves room for comparative data. Using bad data always ends badly. Vet it thoroughly through multiple reviews by different disciplines.

Social Media Predictions for 2013

Dell Computer asked some of the top social media gurus including Shel Israel, Anne Handley, Geoff Livingston, Lee Odden, and Paul Gillen their thoughts on what changes they believe are in store for social media. Social Media Predictions for 2013 is an 18-slide compilation of the experts' insights and predictions. Some good advice can be found in the answers to the question: Can you share your best advice on the best way for a brand to connect with its audience in 2013? Participants refrained from replying: I can, but I'd have to charge you for that.

19 Things Successful People Do on Social Media

19 Things Successful People Do on Social Media lists the best practices for social media success, not just for individuals, but also for companies and not-for-profits. Following best practices is the usual path to success.

How to Start and Grow a Blog

Part 1 of the planned 7-part series of How to Start and Grow a Blog focuses on first developing a valid strategy for the blog. Step 1: Ask and answer some key questions before you start writing. What do you want the blog to accomplish? What subjects will you cover? What type of blogger do you want to be? Who is your audience and how best do you reach them? Often, the answers are not obvious.

Omnibus News

How to Measure B2B Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing Institute
Tying metrics to marketing goals such as increased sales, decreased costs, improved customer experience is How to Measure B2B Social Media Marketing. After listing a variety of metrics, author Nessa Felleson ties specific metrics to the specific goals of increased brand awareness and increased customer satisfaction.

5 Tips to Keep Your Brand Hack-Free in Social Media

Advertising Age
The Twitter accounts of Burger King and Jeep were hacked maliciously in February. All social media sites are vulnerable to hackers. An even greater concern may be disgruntled employees. 5 Tips to Keep Your Brand Hack-Free in Social Media offers basic security measures to minimize the chances of your social media sites being disrupted by outsiders. Sixth tip: change or disable passwords anytime an employee who knows the password leaves the company.

Twitter Etiquette: Best Practices

My Social Game Plan / Jeff Bullas
Most neophytes inevitably break some already well-established customs on Twitter from lack of knowledge. With these two articles, you'll better understand the accepted Twitter customs. 10 Fundamental Do's and Don'ts of Twitter Etiquette on My Social Game Plan and 11 Rules of Twitter Etiquette You Need to Know on Jeff Bullas' Blog each impart the essential Twitter manners. Mash them together and you'll be a well-mannered Tweeter.

Harnessing the Power of Pinterest

Destination CRM
Harnessing the Power of Pinterest, an interview with the authors of a book on Pinterest, looks at how marketing and PR can build brand sales on the digital pinboard, now the fourth best source of social media traffic. The key: include relevant images with every article and post on your website, including headlines rendered as graphics.

DKNY: The Perfect Example of How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis

Melissa Agnes
DKNY: The Perfect Example of How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis explains how DKNY, the fashion company, recently was accused online by a street photographer of illegally using his copyrighted work in store displays. The online accusation could have created a crisis for the brand by going viral. It didn't because "DKNY handled the situation promptly, directly, responsibly, sincerely, honestly, sympathetically and strategically." The crisis was averted with by-the-book crisis management and a good deal of empathy

Social Media: Early Fade?

Chris Brogan / Sysomos
Some early adopters of social media are tiring of the grind. Chris Brogan has stated "I'm Not into Social Media" and Sysomos says "Social Media Starts to Get Boring…and That's a Good Thing." The foundations of social media are undoubtedly shifting. As Sysomos implies, it's starting to lose the luster of being the shiny, sexy and magical tool - and becoming ordinary. The novelty is over. The hard work of turning social media into an effective marketing and PR tool is just beginning.

Effective Listening: Your Ears Are the Ultimate In-Box

Leaders West
The six positive listening practices in Effective Listening: Your Ears Are the Ultimate In-Box are intended for in-person listening, but can apply equally to online listening, especially listening to customers. It's a good refresher and reminder that most all of us could benefit from listening better. The Science and Art of Listening in the New York Times explains how to train yourself to listen better by being more attentive.

Motivational Article:

40 Entrepreneurship Quotes You've Never Heard

Junior Biz
Extracted from What it Takes to Make More Money than Your Parents, a book of interviews with entrepreneurs, 40 Entrepreneurship Quotes You've Never Heard includes worthwhile insights for would-be entrepreneurs and employees alike including:

"You could have a million ideas, but they're all worthless if you don't get them done."
Lauren Amarante
"The biggest failure you can have in life is not trying at all."
Emil Motycka
"Make it happen now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a loser's excuse."
Andrew Fashion

Heartwarming Story:

We Found Our Son on the Subway

New York Times
Literally. Written in the first person, We Found Our Son on the Subway tells the story of how man found an hours-old abandoned child on the subway in New York and, with his gay partner, adopted the infant at the instigation of the Family Court judge. If the story appeared in most any other publication, you'd be wary it was a scam.

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PR Meetings, Seminars, White Papers

Meeting28th Annual SCIP Conference & Exhibition, sponsored by SCIP, will be held March 6-9 in Orlando, FL. The cost to attend is $1,650 for members and $1,900 for non-members.
Meeting16th Annual International Public Relations Research, sponsored by IPRRC, will be held March 6-9 in Miami, FL. The cost to attend is $375.
MeetingPR Measurement Summit, sponsored by Ragan Communications, will be held March 19-20 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $495 for members and $645 for non-members.
MeetingSocial Media Measurement & Monitoring 2013, sponsored by Our Social Times, will be held March 26-27 in London, UK. The cost to attend is £445.00.
MeetingContent Marketing Summit, sponsored by Business Development Institute, will be held April 17 in New York, NY. The cost to attend is $195.00.
MeetingAMEC 2013 Summit, sponsored by AMEC, will be held June 5-7 in Madrid, Spain. The cost to attend is €911 for members and €1093 for non-members.
White PaperNew Media Relations Strategies for 2013, Visual storytelling has become the norm for news websites.
White Paper2013 PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION BUYER'S GUIDE, before you send out another press release, make sure you understand the capabilities you can choose from, the pricing models and your own needs and capabilities. using Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms? And what do these professionals earn?
White PaperForrester: Six steps to achieve social maturity, the introduction of Forrester's five-stage social maturity model. How to overcome common social media roadblocks.
White PaperAn Introductory Guide: How to Use Twitter for Business, Master the essentials to better share, engage, & market on Twitter.

PR & Marketing Job Openings

The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Public Affairs Coordinator — Mid-America Regional Council
Public Relations & New Media Manager — The Adler Planetarium
Public Relations Manager — Give Kids The World
Communications Specialist — Getty Images
Corporate Communications Coordinator — SunTrust
Community Relations Manager — Sony Online Entertainment
Digital Communications Coordinator — American Council on Education
Senior PR Manager — TripAdvisor
Manager, Public Relations — Levi Strauss
Government Relations Associate — Federation for American Immigration Reform
Marketing Positions
Director, Social Media Product Management — Viacom
Marketing Communication Coordinator — Natus Medical Incorporated
Associate Brand Manager — BAYER
Marketing Coordinator — 3M
Marketing Associate — EMC
Vendor Communications Partner — QVC, Inc.
Associate Brand Manager — Unilever
Associate Brand Manager — Eli Lilly
Marketing Coordinator — Cargill
Development Director — Miller Park Zoological Society
Visual Merchandising Manager — Vizio

Best of Previous Issues

Determining Your Media Monitoring Needs
Print News Monitoring Vs. Online News Monitoring
Broadcast Monitoring for TV & Radio News
Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Service
F.r.e.e & Low-Cost News Release Distribution Services

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BlogSquirrel - blog monitoring service monitors 7+ million new postings each day in 75+ million blogs worldwide. CyberAlert VDO - monitoring of consumer-generated video clips in 200+ online video sharing and news sites.
Netpinions - consumer discussion / word-of-mouth / buzz monitoring service monitors 100,000+ online message boards, forums, and Usenet news groups. Twitter & Facebook - Monitor your key words in all Twitter tweets and all Facebook public posts.
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