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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
March 2014 Issue #1
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Articles

How to Earn Higher Search Rankings without Content Marketing

How to Earn Higher Search Rankings without Content Marketing ffffff
Courtesy of SEOPlanter
Dedicating resources to content marketing isn't the only way to earn higher rankings in Google. While marketers may emphasize content marketing in their strategies and budgets, it's also important to attend to how content is displayed and received by search engines. This includes rich snippets, site navigation and page load speed. These marketing and SEO techniques should complement solid content to significantly enhance your brand's online and social presence. Read More >

10 Advice Pieces from LinkedIn Influencers

10 Advice Pieces from LinkedIn Influencers ffffff
What's the best advice you've ever received? That's the topic of a LinkedIn channel where acknowledged influencers share the best professional advice, life lessons, and self-help tips they've received. Our advice: pick your favorite 10 pieces of advice, make a poster of them, and display them over your desk for daily reference. Read More >
Public Relations

Amtrak's Genius PR Move: Provide Free Rides for Writers

The Wire
'Amtraks Genius PR Move: Provide Free Rides for Writers
Courtesy of Sky Noir
Experiences often work better than promotions and written stories because the customer gets first-hand involvement with the product or service. Amtrak proved just how successful providing experiences for customers can be with the launch of its writers' residencies program, which provides free long-haul transportation for writers. The PR victory: ongoing positive press for Amtrak from writers repaying the company for its "perk." Read More >

How to Use Big Data and Analytics in Public Relations

Affect / Shift Communications
How to Use Big Data and Analytics in Public Relations
Courtesy of Affect
Data and measurement are not just for marketing. Numbers and facts gleaned from big data can supply PR with headlines and content to grab the media's attention, while metrics delivered via Google Analytics allows PR to assess performance and pinpoint weak areas. PR specialists who aren't working the numbers are missing out on substantial opportunities for media relations and self-improvement. Read More >

Grammar Blunders that Readers Notice — and Make Writers Look Foolish

Business Insider
Grammar Blunders that Readers Notice
Courtesy of Scott Davidson
There are grammar mistakes…and then there are grammar mistakes made so frequently that they merit their own online forums. Christina Sternbenz investigated the grammatical errors that drive people crazy based on threads from forums Quora and Reddit. We assembled the results and added a few of our own personal peeves. Read More >

Ode to the News Industry: Abandon the Past and Embrace Change

Marc Andreessen
Ode to the News Industry ffffff
Courtesy of NS Newsflash
Discussions about the state of the news industry are usually bleak. But venture capitalist Marc Andreessen sees journalism growing remarkably over the next 20 years. To achieve growth, the news industry must undertake fundamental restructuring and experimenting with new revenue methods and business models. The process will greatly impact PR. Read More >
Marketing& Social Media

7 Mobile Apps to Spark Creative Thinking & Writing

The New York Times
7 Mobile Apps to Spark Creative Thinking & Writing ffffff
Writers in PR and marketing must continually hone their creative thinking and writing skills to craft compelling stories, messages and content. Whenever writer's block strikes, you're in luck: there's an app for that. The list of smartphone and tablet apps we've assembled should help boost writing creativity and stimulate new writing approaches. Read More >

Social TV Revives Audiences, Creates New Opportunities for Marketers

Alexis Caffrey
Social TV Revives Audiences, Creates New Opportunities for Marketers ffffff
Marketers and TV producers can rekindle the excitement of TV-time and reawaken the social aspect of TV. Through shout-outs, pride badges and interactive methods, social TV creates a more seamless integration between TV and social media. Never before have creators of content and consumers had so much interactivity. Read More >

Social Media Measurement: Turn Likes & Followers into Actionable Performance Insights

Turn Likes & Followers into Actionable Performance Insights ffffff
Courtesy of Sal Falko
Many brands get so caught up with measuring social media numbers that they forget to transform those numbers into actionable insights. Capturing data is the easy part of social media measurement. The hard part is figuring out where it fits into the overall marketing goals and the company's business goals. Read More >

How to Make the Most of Hashtags

The Huffington Post / V3 / Search Engine Watch
How to Make the Most of Hashtags ffffff
Courtesy of uwgb admission
Marketers know the traditional use of the hashtag. But what about using hashtags for Twitter chats? And researching hashtags for trademarks? And testing hashtags for performance? Through an infographic, The Huffington Post illustrates various hashtag uses, developments and techniques to boost reach and drive traffic to your site. Read More >

Why Brands Should Replace Logos with Faces

Moz / Broadsuite
Why Brands Should Replace Logos with Faces ffffff
People, not brand logos, should be the faces of company content. Companies must encourage content writers to establish Google Authorship and effectively represent the brand on social media. The reason is straightforward: people forget a name, but they never forget a face. Read More >

Growing Blog Readership: Quick Fixes and Long-Term Strategies

Mack Collier / KISSmetrics
Growing Blog Readership: Quick Fixes and Long-Term Strategies ffffff
Growing the readership of a blog is a process that requires consistent high-quality content that appeals to the target audience, visually-appealing design, engaging with the readers, well-designed online promotion, attending to analytics — and then, doing it all over again. Read More >
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Quick Thought #7: Activity vs. Achievement

To quote John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach:
"Never mistake activity for achievement."
In PR and marketing, measuring activity is meaningless. Count business results, not production. — Tweet this
Conferences and Webinars
Webinar: How to Create the Best Landing Pages Ever, hosted by Target Marketing Group, is available until May 30. The webinar is free to attend.
Webinar: Amazing New PR Strategies for Viral Videos, hosted by Bulldog Reporter, will be held March 6. The cost to attend is $299.
SXSW Interactive, hosted by SXSW, will be held March 7 in Austin, TX. The cost to attend is $1,195.
Conversion Conference, hosted by Rising Media and SiteTuners, will be held March 17 in San Francisco, CA. The cost to attend is $1,800.
Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference, hosted by Adobe, will be held March 24 in Salt Lake City, UT. The cost to attend is $1,895.
PR News' Measurement Conference, hosted by PR News, will be held April 18 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $995.
Strategic Corporate Communications and Research Conference, hosted by PRSA and Prime Research, will be held May 15 in New York, NY. The cost to attend is $695 for PRSA members and $845 for non-members.
White Papers and eBooks
Essential Marketing Metrics: Beyond the Fluff. Pinpointe. Which metrics are for show, and which actually affect your bottom line? This guide explores popular metrics for different avenues of online marketing, whether they matter for your business, and the one metric that rules them all.
The Four Social Marketing Tools You Need. Forrester. Discover the four social technology categories that matter most to marketers, along with tips on how to select the right vendors.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Public Relations Writer - Swanson Russell
Crisis Communication Professional - APCO Worldwide
Media Relations Specialist - Esri
Manager of Communications - Special Olympics Illinois
Public Relations Manager - Blueport Commerce
PR Associate - Riot Games
Public Relations Coordinator, Focused Service Brands - Hilton Worldwide
Media/Communications Specialist - Aspirus Clinics
Marketing Positions
Social Media Strategist - VI Marketing and Branding
Online & Social Media Manager - First Midwest Bank
Marketing Director/Executive Assistant - Phinney Design Group
Marketing Associate -
Brand Strategist - Olson
Assistant Brand Manager - EBSCO Industries
International Marketing Manager - Wolverine Worldwide
Digital Marketing Coordinator - Rex UNC Health Care
Quote of the Week
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"Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social."
Jay Baer
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Quotes of the Week
Factoids of the Week
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Among the 55% of reporters who accept pitches via social media, 37% would rather receive a pitch via Facebook, and 30% would prefer pitches through Twitter. (Vocus)Tweet this
61.5% of Internet traffic is non-human, consisting of search engines, scrapers, hacking tools and spammers. (Incapsula)Tweet this
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Factoids of the Week
Two Best Values
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