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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
Marketing & Social Media
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Marketing & Social Media
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Feature Article

Social Media & PR Efforts Have Indirect, But Distinct, Impacts on Profits

Forbes / SEO Book / Social Media Examiner / Ebiquity / Mashable
Results from The CMO Survey reveal that companies are adopting voice-based metrics in social media, while attention to financial metrics is waning, Christine Moorman reports in Measuring Social Media ROI: Companies Emphasize Voice Metrics. The study demonstrates that social media payoffs are unlikely to have a direct impact on company sales and profits, Moorman explains. Instead, they have a primary effect on non-purchasing behaviors that create brand exposure, build knowledge and ultimately prompt purchases.
      The purpose of social media marketing, then, is essentially the same as PR. Its main purpose is to create awareness and nurture relationships. Social media often doesn't have a tangible ROI, Peter Davanzo deduces in Measuring Social Media. No matter what, businesses must "measure what matters" to quote K.D. Paine, who outlines 7 Steps to the Perfect Measurement System. What matters most: Tying social media goals to your business objective. Analyze why social media was included in your overall marketing campaign, and consider how your social media program will impact business revenue, Rick Mulready implores in 3 Simple Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results.
      While social media demands different metrics for each business, all businesses should be engaging in social media monitoring — the first, vital step in any measurement plan, Mulready says. Monitoring allows you to find the audience who is talking about your brand, engage with them, and then measure the impact of your engagement. This impact can be monetary (converting users to purchase a product) or, as The CMO Survey suggests is more common, to increase brand awareness or ameliorate issues among consumers. That relationship-building will ultimately lead to purchases.
      When it comes to choosing the metrics that matter to you, 7 Tips for Social Media Measurement advises that each selected metric should be specific to each social network. You can't compare a fan with a follower or a retweet with a share, because each network has a different dynamic and level of engagement. The article also urges measurers to go deeper than numbers and try to understand your audience's motives and intents. Qualitative measurement should balance with quantitative, so "never place too much value on follower numbers at the expense of sentiment and support." 9 Social Marketing Metrics that Actually Matter acknowledges that each metric will be unique, but offers a survey of leading entrepreneurs' social media measurement strategies. Kit Hickey of Ministry of Supply reveals her company devised a unique "Facebook Engagement Ratio" that is tracked against their competitors. And while distribution to influencers is the center of one business's social media strategy, others rely on audience loyalty to measure success.

For PR Pros

CyberAlert Unveils New Media Measurement Tools and Services for PR and Marketing

PR and marketing professionals can now take advantage of new measurement tools that enable quick and effective qualitative assessment of online news, broadcast news and social media conversations. The new service, released this week by CyberAlert, will allow clients to perform their own online clip assessments for multiple qualitative factors, including sentiment analysis. Companies and PR agencies can benefit from CyberAlert's new media measurement tools as they provide greater insight into news and social media clips, according to William Comcowich, CEO of CyberAlert.

How Much Is In-House Media Monitoring Costing Your Company?

Smarta / PR Newswire
Daily monitoring of news and social media yields clear-cut benefits, most of which are outlined in Six Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media Monitoring to Build Your Brand Online. If you're using in-house staff to perform the news and social media monitoring, it may be worthwhile to analyze how much it's costing your company. The Costs of In-House Media Monitoring breaks down the average daily monitoring schedule in an infographic and urges companies to reexamine their monitoring plan. Bottom line: Outsourcing your media monitoring is not only cheaper; it also comes with monitoring and measurement features that in-house staff are unable to provide. By using a subscription media monitoring service, staff can use their time more productively to make more media placements and social media posts instead of investing their valuable time in collecting and counting media clips.

Building a Successful PR Account Team

Bulldog Reporter / Howell Marketing Strategies
A strong PR agency is composed of a solid, diverse team that has healthy relationships with its clients. PR Service Trends: Building a Successful Account Team opines that media mavens and grammar gurus reign supreme in PR, but that PR teams should also include members with superior visual creativity and design skills in this multimedia era where infographics, photos, graphs and videos are just as important as written content. The type of clients you work with will also dictate your firm's success, Amy Howell advises in How to Pick Good Clients and How to Avoid Bad Ones. Favorable clients are financially healthy, good referral sources and have realistic expectations. Problem clients often emphasize a tight budget, have bad credit or pay late and demand a long-term plan right off the bat.

PR Pros May Benefit from Crowd-Sourcing Company Products

The Wall Street Journal
Consumers put their trust in family and friends, but what about complete strangers? Apparently, they do: More Brands Want You to Model Their Clothes proves that showcasing other consumers' photos, or "crowdsourcing," is a powerful way for brands to spread word online about products. The Wall Street Journal article references a recent situation where a retailer posted a picture of a girl wearing the retailer's necklace. There's no shortage of consumer produced multimedia, as social media "storm chasers" demonstrate when they put their lives in danger for video footage of a dangerous tornado. The procedure is raising privacy concerns, but communication professionals who have successfully crowd-sourced say they always stay in line with the user's privacy policies. Some companies, like Lululemon, use the method to also increase engagement by asking their followers to share photos of their products being worn. It may be worth considering for PR pros looking for new ways to promote their products on their website and social media: the co-founder of Olapic, a company that helps retailers crowd-source, shares that "people who click on real-people photos are two times more likely to convert a sale," than people clicking on a model's photo.

Responses to the Price Question During New Business Pitches

Sam Richter
Working prices into a PR services or agency presentation can be awkward or uncomfortable. In David Newman's article 17 Great Answers to 'How Much Do You Charge?', some of the answers are quite bold, daring and even snippy, but many will keep prospective clients interested while postponing giving an actual answer. One smooth answer: "Let's talk about what you're trying to accomplish first, and then we'll work out some pricing options based on that." Bottom line: If your company has the ability to be flexible, make sure to play that card.

Ending the Conversation: The Best Ways to Close an Email

Email sign-offs can be important in portraying yourself and your company. Whether you're emailing a client, coworker, job seeker or other business contact, Examples of Business Email Closings and Sign Offs presents different situations with the best ways to end your closing statements. If you're emailing prospective clients or pitching to a blogger, for example, you may want to show anticipation of a reply by stating, "Looking forward to discussing this proposal with you," or "Please contact me with your interest." Editor Ayo Oyedotun also includes a list of considerate, simple sign-offs. Reminder: How you close your email should match the rest of its message.

How Technology of the Future will Impact Public Relations

McKinsey & Company
New technologies over the next 10 years will have a multitrillion-dollar impact on the economy and, thus, affect every business in every industry, reports McKinsey & Company in Disruptive Technologies: Advances that Will Transform Life, Business and the Global Economy. One of the largest impacting technology updates will be the mobile Internet, according to the report, as mobile computing devices become increasingly inexpensive with better connectivity. This means PR pros must prepare for a consumer surplus, as more people will be able to connect online and on social media. It will also require creative content adaptations to new interfaces (such as Google Glass). Also on the disruptive technology agenda: the automation of knowledge work. Intelligent software systems will be able to perform interpretative tasks, affecting big-data technologies and media measurement systems.

Applying Dale Carnegie's Winning Methods to PR Relationships

In How to Win Customer Relationships and Influence Digital Performance, Thad Kahlow aligns the award-winning principles of author Dale Carnegie to building PR relationships. From Carnegie's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," Kahlow translates the principle "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language" to the need to personalize media pitches. Media monitoring tools allow you to learn about your audience, study their behavior, and personally contact them. Monitoring also plays a large role in the Carnegie principle "Be a good listener," which Kahlow transforms to the need for listening and responding at scale. Together, the principles help build a strong relationship with your client, which is the first of 5 Steps to a Great PR Campaign. The guide, which simplifies PR to its basics (often overlooked) urges PR pros to focus on clients and audience. Reminder: Once your campaign is executed, measure the results and follow up with your client for insights.

Omnibus News

For Marketers & Social Media Specialists

Social Media a Go-To Source for Disaster Relief and Response

Melissa Agnes
Social networks have evolved into primary sources of breaking news, alerts, and now, disaster response, Melissa Agnes affirms in Social Media is the New Face of Disaster Response. This was highlighted last week when social media responded to the Oklahoma tornado disaster with an outpouring of support and information to help the victims. Blog posts like Mashable's sprung up with a list of charitable organizations to contact. Oklahoma residents used Facebook and Reddit as a virtual lost and found, posting pictures in hopes of finding belongings, pets and even family members. In Wake of Oklahoma Tragedy, Philanthropy Goes Social illuminates social media users spreading word of crowd-funding relief efforts. Social media was also used immediately after a disaster to contact first responders, as reported in the infographic Agnes includes. During disasters, 1 in 5 survivors have contacted emergency responders via social media, websites or email, while nearly half have asked their online friends to call for help. The information is key for social strategies during a crisis: while you may not be able to provide breaking news on an event, companies can still stay active online by spreading word on how the public can help. Companies can also determine if any employees are affected and respond accordingly.

Teen Twitter Use Grows Significantly Over Past 2 Years

Pew Research Center
The demographics of social media networks are changing, according to a Pew Research Center study, Teens, Social Media and Privacy. The findings reveal that Twitter use among teenagers has grown significantly — nearly a quarter of online teens now use Twitter — while teen use of Facebook has diminished as older generations take over the network. Teens are also sharing more information socially than they did in the past. Key takeaway for marketers: Compare your target audience to network demographics so you know where to focus your social media efforts. Take advantage of information social media users provide; it provides a better understanding of consumer behavior and allows you to localize conversations.

The Secret (and Simple) Marketing Formula Employed by Apple

David Brier
David Brier focuses on Muhammad Ali's definition of the word "impossible" in sharing The Impossible Brand Formula, a SlideShare that breaks down successful marketing techniques for brands. The formula boils down to three questions: Who are your prospective customers? What are their values and priorities? Who are you, and is your brand a passionate extension of those values? Brier compares the process to Apple's promotion of the first iPod, for which Steve Jobs employed the same tactics. Apple identified an audience that grew up on computers, lived for instant gratification and was passionate about music. Apple introduced its presentation with iTunes and marketed the product with a simple slogan: "1,000 songs in your pocket."

Determining the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics and Networks

TopRank / Social Media Today
If you're asking "Which social media tactics are most effective?" you're joining about 90% of marketers wondering the same thing, the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report found. Lee Odden takes the results of the report to answer the Top 5 Social Media Questions Marketers Want Answered. Odden asserts that there is no set of tactics effective for every brand. Instead, he reveals the process for finding those tactics: Start with a mass audience, customize that audience via monitoring, measuring and web analytics, and capture the engagement data that is most relevant to your business goals. Begin by monitoring your brand and posting original content and curated news on the top four social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn). This will allow you to collect real data relevant to your company and highlight tactics that will deliver the best ROI.

The report found that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the top 3 platforms used by marketers. Google+ is often overlooked, and Tatiana Aders devised The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet to inform marketers of its benefits. The guide is useful as a quick run-through for Google+ beginners or for those who want a better understanding of the social network.

Nurture Social Media Relationships for Strong Customer Connections

HubSpot / iMedia Connection
What a Real Relationship in Social Media Should Look Like displays real-life social scenarios and compares them to how marketers should act online. Each scenario represents a different relationship in the engagement-to-sales process: "meeting at a party" is akin to marketers getting a potential consumer's attention on Twitter; "going on a date" is parallel to researching your audience's demographics and making personal gestures to cater to their interests. The process pays off because, as Sure-fire Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty maintains, customers are loyal to those with whom they have the greatest connection. The key to creating connected customers is understanding the connection your customers have and want, and then establishing "connected moments" across multiple social channels. A connected moment should not be confused with engagement, Kyle Priest notes; rather, it involves detailing how your customer feels connected to you (is it through your product/service, brand, or industry?)

Tips to Boost Your Video's Ranking on YouTube

Target Marketing
Most marketers understand SEO tactics to optimize their written content, but getting YouTube videos a top spot is a whole different process. Gary Hennerberg's 5-minute video, Online Video Marketing Deep Dive, includes many techniques to improve your marketing video's ranking. Hennerberg advises posting new videos regularly: Not only does this help in your YouTube search ranking, but it also helps build an authoritative YouTube Channel and gain a loyal audience. Bottom line: Treat YouTube like all other social networks; Monitor and reply to comments promptly, encourage viewers to add your video to their YouTube "playlists" and constantly create new and interesting content.

The Secrets to Blogging and Social Media Success

Heidi Cohen / OPEN Forum
Insightful content is important for a successful blog, but it's not enough. Heidi Cohen lists 33 Blogging Tips to Maximize Social Media Reach to help bloggers use social media to expand their readership. The tips range from the basics (include social media sharing buttons on your posts, give every social media post a personal touch) to lesser known promotion tactics (include third-party insights on your posts to solidify an opinion or add dissent. Then, let bloggers know via social media that you've referenced them). The secret is simply to be likeable on social media, as Dave Kerpen points out in The Number One Secret for Social Media Success. Whether you want to spread word about your brand or your blog, you shouldn't tell your customers to like and follow you; you should tell them why and how they should, Kerpen professes. Communications professionals must give customers a reason to connect with them, and make it easy for them to do so. Note the difference: "Like our page on Facebook" vs. "Get answers to your (Product) questions at (Link)."

Facts, Fun & Inspiration

Digiday Pokes Fun at PR Pros

One of the 20 Signs You've Been in PR Too Long: "You have no problems calling a reporter 15 minutes after you've emailed a pitch." In this BuzzFeed-esque story, Digiday illustrates playful scenarios only PR pros would understand. Another jab: "You instinctively use words like "innovation," "revolutionary" and "best-in-class."

Advice to Inspire Creativity and Productivity

The Daily Muse
If you're stuck in a writer's block or want to improve your productivity, 29 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Creativity delivers a visual guide to worthwhile creative habits. If you have an idea, write it down so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle (you'd be surprised how quickly things can enter and leave your head). Another idea: Clean and/or re-arrange your work space. An organized area helps organize your thoughts — plus, it gives you something to do during creative idea Number 6: Take breaks.

Factoids of the Week:

60% of teen Facebook users keep their profiles private. Girls (70%) are substantially more likely than boys (50%) to have a private profile. (Pew Research Center)
There is a direct relationship between a marketer's age and time spent on social media marketing. 63% of the marketers who spend more than 40 hours per week on social media marketing are under the age of 40. (Social Media Examiner)
There are specific job skills that millennials (born between the 1980s and early 2000s) are more likely to list on their resumes than their older competitors.
They are 2.5 times more likely to list "press releases" and "social media optimization," and 2.7 times more likely to list "blogging." (PayScale and Millennial Branding)

Quotes of the Week:

"Truly brilliant marketing happens when you take something most people think of as a weakness and reposition it so people think of it as a strength." — Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO
"When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts." — Larry Ellison, Oracle Corporation co-founder and CEO

PR Meetings, Seminars, White Papers

MeetingThe 2013 IABC World Conference, hosted by the International Association of Business Communications, will be held June 23 in New York, NY. The cost to attend is $1,430 for members and $1,795 for non-members.
MeetingBlogWell: 8 Great Case Studies on the Best Social Media Programs at Large Corporations, hosted by, will be held June 19 in Chicago, IL. The cost to attend is $250.
MeetingSMX Advanced 2013, hosted by Search Marketing Expo, will be held June 11 in Seattle, Wa. The cost to attend is $1,095.
MeetingThe Social Media Strategies Summit, hosted by Global Strategic Management Institute, will be held June 12 in New York, NY. The cost to attend is $1,295 and $1,095 for government and non-profit organizations.
MeetingConversion Conference, hosted by RisingMedia, will be held June 11 in Chicago, IL. The cost to attend is $1,800 for a two-day pass and $1,200 for one day.
White Paper2013 PR Career Guide: The PR Pro's Guide for Moving Up the Career Ladder. Before you apply for that PR job or ask for a raise, make sure you understand the steps you can take today to earn more money, respect and security.
White PaperBeyond Last Touch: Understanding Campaign Effectiveness. New attribution approaches and digital metrics that will help you track and drive new prospects to take action.

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PR & Marketing Job Openings

The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Communications & Media Relations Manager — City of Abilene
Media Relations Manager — Global Policy Solutions
Manager, Public Relations — Marvell
Public Relations Manager — Etsy
Public Relations Specialist — Klunk & Millan Advertising
Public Relations Coordinator (SEO) — Fareportal
PR/Marketing Specialist — Commonwealth of Virginia's Executive Branch
Communications & Public Relations Manager — Jewish Federation of North America
Public Relations/Communications Manager — Yahoo! Search
Public Relations Coordinator, Philanthropy Emphasis — GameStop
Marketing Positions
Marketing Coordinator — Solar Topps
Social Media Specialist — Kohler Co.
Social Media Specialist — Sony Computer Entertainment of America
Marketing Coordinator — Live Nation Entertainment
Marketing Writer/Content Specialist — Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc.
Coordinator, Media Strategy — The National Geographic Channel
Marketing Planner — Best Buy
Social Strategist — Wunderman
Marketing Communications & Operations Specialist — Bose
Marketing Consultant, Corporate Stores — McDonald's

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Determining Your Media Monitoring Needs
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Broadcast Monitoring for TV & Radio News
Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Service
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BlogSquirrel - blog monitoring service monitors 7+ million new postings each day in 75+ million blogs worldwide. CyberAlert VDO - monitoring of consumer-generated video clips in 200+ online video sharing and news sites.
Netpinions - consumer discussion / word-of-mouth / buzz monitoring service monitors 100,000+ online message boards, forums, and Usenet news groups. Twitter & Facebook - Monitor your key words in all Twitter tweets and all Facebook public posts.
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