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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
October 2013 Issue #3
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Articles
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PR News Measurement Guidebook Exhibits PR Trends, Expert Insights

PR News
PR News has released its latest "PR Measurement Guidebook" containing in-depth articles by industry experts and influencers on analytics for PR and reputation management. The guidebook provides the latest thinking on how PR can bring the concepts of audience monitoring and measurement together, according to editor Lane Cooper. The industry experts who authored guidebook articles include William Comcowich, who examines the necessity and value of media monitoring to achieve valid PR measurement results and explains different monitoring approaches. Read More
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Social Media Monitoring: Goals, Cornerstones and Outcomes

Social media monitoring benefits many aspects of a company, government agency or not-for-profit organization.

According to Steven Van Belleghem in The Future of Social Listening, the goals of social media listening can be broken into four distinct categories
  • Enhancing the organization's knowledge of the marketplace
  • Adding a consumer-feeling (instead of gut-feeling) into the organization's decision-making
  • Building the organization's reputation
  • Improving customer service
Read More
Public Relations

PR Video Production: Tips for Creating and Sharing Videos for the Media

Solo PR Pro
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(Courtesy Yellow Cat)
In this digital age, reporters want interactive stories that can draw in viewers. By embedding videos into pitches, PR pros encourage reporters to arrange for interviews and additional coverage and provide them with materials to help them do their job. Read More

Must-Know SEO Practices for Public Relations

PR News / Red Jeweled Media
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Businesses plan to increase their SEO budgets by up to 44 percent this year, indicating that PR pros need to become well-versed in SEO and digital communications tactics. An understanding of inbound links, metatags and keywords are vital for PR pros to create search-optimized content and press releases. Read More

Women in PR: Networking Essential for Industry Growth

PR Breakfast Club / The Holmes Report
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Women make up nearly 80 percent of the PR industry, but men hold four out of five PR leadership positions. Ironically, studies show that businesses with women in charge grow faster and have higher returns on equity. For more women to take on leadership roles, it becomes increasingly important to have a professional network of peers to learn from and lean on. Read More

PR Guru: The Rules to Build a Successful PR Agency

The New York Observer / PR Week
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(Courtesy Izzard)
The New York Observer recently released its inaugural ""Power 50 List for Public Relations that ranks the most influential New York PR firms. So how do PR firms reach the top? Lord Chadlington, a PR veteran with 50 years of experience in the industry, outlines best practices and staples necessary to build a successful PR agency. Read More

PR Measurement Best Practices: Evaluate Outcomes against Goals

PRtini / CIPR
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How do you measure the impact of keeping a client out of a potentially negative story? The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in the UK classifies such instances as "outputs." It advises PR pros not to use outputs when measuring PR campaigns because they cannot effectively demonstrate impact. However, Heather Whaling assures PR pros that the outcome of such intangible metrics still hold significant value. Read More
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PR Agencies Changing Their Positioning

The New York Times
"P.R. Agency Begins a Push to Modernize" by Stuart Elliott examines the initiatives taken by Burson-Marsteller and other major PR agencies to reposition themselves in the digital age. That repositioning includes stronger integration of public relations with marketing, social media, sales promotion, and advertising. Burson-Marsteller now bills itself as "Being More" to its clients. Central changes: stress creativity, become more strategic, and move from publicizing ideas to creating messaging and content. The unstated goal: gain more influence within the communications hierarchy and capture a greater share of communications budgets. Read More
Marketing& Social Media

Cookie Alternatives Gain Popularity as Mobile Ad Budgets Grow

The New York Times / Business Insider / IAB
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(Courtesy Neil Conway)
Tech companies have found new ways to track phones and reach people with hypertargeted ads. These "cookie alternatives" demonstrate ongoing industry efforts to respect consumer privacy because they track behavior, not web history and personal information. Read More

Finding Resources to Add Credibility to Content

Digital Philippines
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(Courtesy Digital Ralph)
A collection of useful resources and references eases the content creation process and adds credibility to content. Industry lists and guides offer excellent insight because they compile multiple sources into one piece. Other helpful sources include white papers, research studies, Slideshare presentations, comment sections and social media. Read More

Content Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Social Media Today
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(Courtesy Liz Henry)
Blogs connect with customers, establish marketers as authorities in their field and increase brand awareness. Barry Feldman and Pam Dyer share two comprehensive infographics with the latest blogging tips, trends and promotion tactics. Included are services that help increase a blog's exposure, such as Blogengage, BizSugar and Quora Read More

Social Media Monitoring for Lead Generation

Logic Serve Digital / SnapTrends
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(Courtesy Ky Olsen)
Through social media monitoring, marketers can utilize Twitter as a tool for lead generation. Social media monitoring provides brands with essential information to build consumer relationships, including key trends, customer needs and geographic location. Read More

Pinterest Gives Promoted Pins a Test Run

Brian Burt
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One of the last social media holdouts for paid promotions, Pinterest will soon release promoted pins. The new feature offers marketers a new social media marketing platform, complete with a customer base of 70+ million. While some argue the "Promoted Pin" tag is too discrete and might trick customers, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann promises he won't let ads compromise the user's experience. Read More

How Fortune 500s Build Social Media Engagement Through Instagram

TrackMaven / ClickZ
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(Courtesy TrackMaven)
A TrackMaven study reveals the five most active Fortune 500 companies on Instagram. The study also recommends best practices for Instagram based on the top-ranking companies' tactics. Among the findings: photos are still more effective than videos. Read More
Fun and Inspiration

Dealing with Clients the "Clint Eastwood Way"

Spin Sucks
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(Courtesy Eden Pictures)
The key goal of PR professionals: satisfy the client. But sometimes, clients make unreasonable demands or want something for nothing. Those cases require the Clint Eastwood Way. Read More
Conferences and Webinars
PRSA 2013 International Conference, hosted by PRSA, will be held Oct. 26 in Philadelphia, Pa. The cost to attend is $1,575 for non-members and $1,275 for members.
Internet Summit 2013, hosted by TechMedia, will be held Nov. 12 in Raleigh, NC. The cost to attend is $295.
2013 Best Practices in Video for Communicators Summit, hosted by Ragan Communications, will be held Nov. 12 in Chicago, IL. The cost to attend is $895 for non-members and $745 for members.
Word of Mouth Marketing Summit 2013, hosted by Word of Mouth Marketing Association, will be held Nov. 18 in Nashville, TN. The cost to attend is $1,295 for non-members and $995 for members.
Breakthrough Strategies for Corporate Communicators Conference, hosted by Discovery Communications, will be held Nov. 18. The cost to attend the live webcast is $2,195 for non-members and $1,745 for members.
SMX Social Media Marketing 2013, hosted by Third Door Media, Inc., will be held Nov. 20 in Las Vegas, NV. The cost to attend is $1,495.
White Papers and eBooks
How to Use Hashtags, Videos and Images to Conquer the Social Media Universe. The first step in getting your content to go viral is to publish well thought-out messages, but there are three tools that can help you conquer the world of social media.
Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns. This eBook provides a blueprint for all practitioners, describing how to initiate and manage the ongoing development of a program in a structured way to benefit both the organization and its clients.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Marketing Positions
Quotes of the Week
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"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."
Winston Churchill
"Facebook is for people, Twitter is for perspective, Google+ is for passion, LinkedIn is for pimping."
Guy Kawasaki
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Quotes of the Week
Factoids of the Week
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Twitter hashtags with the highest potential reach include:
  • #tbt (throwbackThursday) at 31.4 million
  • #FF (followFriday) at 23.4 million
  • #tt (transformationTuesday) at 10.1 million
(Merrill Cook)Tweet this
4 out of 5 consumers reverse their purchase decisions about a product if it has negative online reviews. (Cone Research)Tweet this
Social media networks with the greatest increase in marketing use compared to last year include SlideShare, from 23% to 40%, and Google+, from 39% to 55%. (Constant Contact)Tweet this
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Factoids of the Week
Two Best Values
CyberAlert Radio
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CyberAlert 5.0 - local, national, and worldwide news monitoring and press clipping service monitors 55,000+ online news sources in 250+ languages each day.
Netpinions - consumer discussion / word-of-mouth / buzz monitoring service monitors 100,000+ online message boards, forums, and Usenet news groups.
BlogSquirrel - blog monitoring service monitors 7+ million new postings each day in 75+ million blogs worldwide.
CyberAlert TV - broadcast news tracking service monitors closed caption text of news broadcasts on all national news networks & channels plus all local TV stations in Top 100 U.S. markets.
Twitter & Facebook - Monitor your key words in all Twitter tweets and all Facebook public posts.
CyberAlert VDO - monitoring of consumer-generated video clips in 200+ online video sharing and news sites.
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