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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
October 2013 Issue #5
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Article

Why Negative Online Reviews Aren't as Bad as You May Think

CyberAlert Blog / Chief Marketer
Bazaarvoice reviews ffffff
Responding to customer reviews strengthens relationships with customers and builds the brand reputation. What PR and marketing pros may not know is that responding appropriately to negative online reviews can significantly increase revenue and improve sentiment about the brand. The key is how the response is crafted. According to a Bazaarvoice study, helpful responses that offer guiding explanations, refunds or upgrades prove the most effective. Read More
Public Relations

CyberAlert Adds Print Monitoring,
Now Provides Full Spectrum of Media Monitoring

CyberAlert, the worldwide media monitoring service, announced today it has added print publications to its comprehensive suite of news and social media monitoring services. CyberAlert Print delivers news clips from more than 25,000 print publications worldwide, including major daily newspapers, consumer magazines, and trade journals across all industry categories. With the addition of print monitoring, CyberAlert now offers one of the most comprehensive media coverage plans in the industry. Read More

PR 'Spam Editors' May Ruin Wikipedia's Credibility

ARS Technica / Vice
photo ffffff
In recent months, a new issue has come to light that further cripples the PR-Wikipedia relationship: companies and their PR agencies are employing spam editors to change information on client Wiki pages. To preserve Wikipedia's credibility, PR pros are encouraged to follow founder Jimmy Wales' "bright line" rule: create a transparent Wikipedia ID that discloses any affiliations, and request edits through a separate page. Read More

Media Relations: PR Do's and Don'ts

HubSpot / Bulldog Reporter / David Pogue
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Steve Hardy
PR experts weigh in on journalists' top pet peeves, and offer advice onhow to craft a pitch that doesn't annoy them. As Dana Oshiro of Code for America explains, "Good PR people know that some news just isn't a fit and that it's best to let the journalist pass rather than hurting your relationship." Other PR tips from experts: figure out how your pitch fits into a broader story, take advantage of conferences and in-person interviews, and avoid buzzwords and clichés. Read More

Tools & Tips to Build a D-I-Y Media List

Muck Rack
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Seth Sawyer
You don't have to subscribe to a media database to build your contact list of journalist. PR pros can use Google and their own research skills to find the outlets they want to target and identify the journalists they should reach out to. Then, use free online tools like Linksy, Rapportive and Whois to find the journalists' contact information. Read More

The Customer Is Right…Even if He's Not

CyberAlert Blog
photo ffffff
For customers who are wrong — and not willing to acknowledge it —companies and brands can take several steps to appease them and work together for a solution. The key: be flexible to solve the problem, but don't bend over backwards to cater to customers. Weigh short-term losses against long-term gains to build a loyal client base that trusts your brand. Read More

Changes in Media Should Spark Changes in PR Measurement Model [Slide Presentation]

Katie Paine
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Katie Paine
Katie Paine, a once-again independent PR measurement consultant, shares valuable PR and social media data and tips. She urges PR pros not to get bogged down with numbers that only represent likes and eyeballs. Paine also reflects on the need to update the marketing mix model so that it includes data from PR's earned and social media programs. Read More
Marketing& Social Media

Marketers Must Leverage the Second-Screen Experience

1to1 Media / Google / Search Engine Land
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Chris Costes
Cynthia Clark urges marketers to take mobile optimization one step further and extend their customers' experience to a second screen. As a Google study found, nine out of 10 people use multiple screens sequentially, with smartphones as the most common starting point. Important insight: marketers must create a seamless purchasing experience that allows customers to save their progress as they move across devices. Read More

2014 Marketing Trends: What You Need to Know
before Creating Next Year's Strategy and Budget

Forbes / Business 2 Community / Heidi Cohen
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Mike Licht
New marketing trends will change the way brands create, publish and strategize content. One major transformation in the marketing industry is the focus on holding consumers' attention rather than grabbing it. Findings from a Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs study also show that B2Bs must also increase their content marketing budgets, as complex, varying content marketing strategies tend to be more effective for businesses. Read More

Social Media Measurement:
Time-Wasting Metrics vs. Metrics that Deliver Results

BarnRaisers / Smart Blogs / Be Social Worldwide
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Peter Dutton
Which social media metrics have real business value? To sort time-wasting metrics from metrics that matter, Rob Petersen urges marketers to ask: Which business actions matter most to your organization? Do your social media activities build valuable relationships that generate real customer prospects? Do increases in social media activities translate to increased visits to your website? Read More

How to Turn Your Website into a Business Asset

Emma-Julie Fox
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Sean MacEntee
Many websites fail to reach their full potential because businesses view them as a project rather than something that needs to be constantly updated. To establish a website as a vital business asset, marketers must establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure results, optimize the site structure to increase search ranking, and include the company's physical address at the footer of all web pages. Read More

The Secure Search Dilemma:
Solutions to Analyze Website & Keyword Performance

Occam's Razor
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Erika Thorsen
Secure search causes Google Analytics to mark pages "not provided," prohibiting website analysts from seeing search users' information. While secure search protects user privacy, it can cause marketers trouble with finding key words and assessing website performance. Three Google tools to use as alternatives: Google Webmaster Tools, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. Read More
More Articles We Like

What Companies' Slogans Should Really Say

Honest Slogans
photo ffffff

If you've never visited the Honest Slogans blog, you're missing out on some laughs. The blog showcases company logos and replaces their slogans with depictions of how consumers really see the company. Read More

  • 9 Apps Every Business Traveler Needs Now These helpful apps will change how you get around by saving you time and money. Read More
  • 10 Ways to Be Happier at Work Rejections and difficult clients are sure to heighten stress on the everyday PR and marketing pro. Drew Hubbard shares ways to better enjoy your job and career. Read More
  • Lessons from the Obamacare Roll-Out Whether or not marketers agree with Obamacare, its enactment has industry-wide implications. Gene Marbach shares several Obamacare effects and lessons marketers should learn from them. Read More
  • David Ogilvy's 10 Rules for Headlines Headlines are perhaps the most important element in content, advertisements and emails. Reading insights from David Ogilvy, a.k.a. "The Father of Advertising," can help communications pros craft compelling and effective headlines. Read More

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    White Papers and eBooks
    The Art of Repurposing Content. To successfully get prospects to raise their hands and engage with offers, B2B marketers need to provide content that is targeted, engaging and delivered in a compelling multimedia format, via multiple channels and accessible on multiple types of devices.
    Almost Everything You Wanted to Know about Email Marketing. Tips on growing your database, deliverability, content creative, testing, mobile optimization and much more, along with answers to more than 75 of the most frequently asked email marketing questions.
    Job Openings
    The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
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    Marketing Positions
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