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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
November 2013 Issue #2
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Article

How to Utilize #Hashtags in Social PR and Marketing

Search Engine Watch / Gr8 Marketing Ideas / Social Media Explorer / Adweek
Bazaarvoice reviews ffffff
Courtesy of Zaneology
Hashtags, when used correctly, can be a powerful PR and marketing tool. Brands can utilize the social media marketing phenomenon by creating original hashtags for campaigns and events, and using tools like to discover the top trending hashtags on Twitter. Quite a few brands have successfully used hashtags to newsjack their way into conversations; although Audie Chamberlain advises only to do so when the topic is relevant and won't anger or offend your audience. Read More
Public Relations

CyberAlert Kicks Off 10th Annual PR Grants Program for Non-Profits

CyberAlert Blog
For its 10th annual PR Grants Program, the worldwide media monitoring service CyberAlert will award 15 not-for-profit organizations with free media monitoring for the entire year beginning January 2014. Non-profit organizations can apply through CyberAlert's online PR grants application. All non-profit organizations worldwide are eligible, except past recipients. Deadline to apply is Dec. 31. Read More

PR Writing Tips from Direct Response Copywriters

photo ffffff
Courtesy of Vee-Vee
Writers of PR content can achieve better results by mirroring writing techniques of direct response copywriters. First rule: quit being so clever. Emphasize craft over cleverness, and never put a pun in a headline. Read More

Crisis Responses Needn't Always Follow Typical 'I'm Sorry' Approach

Mr. Media Training
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Becky Snyder
Many recent PR "how-to" articles and white papers offer similar crisis communications advice: apologize and fix. Brad Phillips acknowledges that different situations may require different responses. If your company was wrongly accused, for example, you may want to issue an "attack" response that takes a stand. In all, Phillips reviews seven different types of responses for a PR crisis. Read More

PR Best Practices for Launching Products: Phonebloks Study

Search Engine Watch
photo ffffff
Courtesy of
The online launch of a product concept called Phonebloks teaches quite a lot about how to achieve PR success. The methods used to successfully introduce the phone project offer key PR lessons: invest your resources into creating a product story that resonates with consumers; create dramatic and memorable materials that stimulate others to create links; and partner with a "whale" to create far greater leverage than any startup can achieve. Read More

PR Success Requires a Give-and-Take Relationship with Media

Bulldog Reporter
photo ffffff
Courtesy of One Way Stock
Shelby Fox, Bulldog Reporter's 2013 Publicist of the Year, reveals that PR achievements rely on interdependent relationships with the media. Fox says the reason for her success is that she serves as a resource for media contacts by offering story ideas, sharing examples and providing contacts. Key message: embrace all opportunities for exposure, whether they lead to a story or not. Read More

IPR Releases PR and Social Media Measurement Standards

Institute for Public Relations
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Louise Docker
The IPR has released the Public Relations Research Standards, a key step forward toward standardized measurement approaches for news and social media. The standards provide descriptions, applications and academic research on integrating the metrics into PR measurement programs. The metrics are broken into: traditional media measurement, social media analysis, communications lifecycle and ROI. Read More
Marketing& Social Media

Proven Lead Generation Tactics for PR & Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Duct Tape Marketing
John Jantsch compiles examples of tried-and-true lead generation tactics implemented by many different types of businesses. His lead-gen examples include: a tutoring service that sponsored clubs at local schools; a marketing consultant that offered a free seminar for a local bank and accounting firm's clients; and an author that offered to pay influencers $1 for each letter they sent endorsing his book. Read More

What's On Your Social Media Monitoring Calendar?
Micro vs. Macro Management

Adrienne Erin
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Troy Thompson
For effective reputation management, organizations should monitor social media on both a short- and long-term scale. Adrienne Erin offers tips on how to implement micro monitoring and macro monitoring into your social media monitoring schedule. Read More

To Find Social Media ROI, Compare Metrics to Company-Wide Efforts

Social Media Explorer
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Alan O'Rourke
Marketers can gauge social media ROI by exploring how other marketing channels and departments are measuring their success, and conducting a cost analysis of social marketing efforts. Then, compare how social media activities contribute to the business outcome of the department where the metric originated. Read More

Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook: Gary Vaynerchuk's Social Media Marketing Methods

The New York Times
Gary Vaynerchuk, marketing guru and owner of VaynerMedia, recently shared the key to his marketing success: the "jab, jab, jab, right hook" method. He delivers consumers a series of jabs — jokes, ideas, or introductions — and follows up with a request to buy something (the right hook). The key is to craft strategic, creative, and attention-getting jabs: Vaynerchuk once responded to a Twitter follower's request for a cheeseburger by delivering it to him the next day. The ROI is much greater than it seems; it's not just about the person who receives the cheeseburger; it's also about the people who read about the burger's delivery. Read More

Infographic Use & Abuse: Best Practices for Effective Visual Content

Top Rank Blog
photo ffffff
Courtesy of AJ Ryu
To be effective, infographics must combine substantive and well-organized content with a high level of visual interest to make learning easier. Successful infographics cover interesting topics that resonate with customer needs, include credible sources, and avoid too much text and a white background. Read More

Bloggers, Are You Adhering to FTC Disclosure Guidelines?

Kerry Gorgone / Social Media Explorer
photo ffffff
Sponsored content is now the most effective way for bloggers to earn marketing and advertising revenue, so it's essential for them to follow the FTC's most updated disclosure guidelines. Rule of thumb: if you receive anything of value for your work, you must disclose. To fit disclosure messages in tweets, bloggers can add #sponsored or #ad, and include a link that further explains the agreement, if necessary. Read More
More Articles We Like

Negotiations Skills: How Leading CEOs Win Over Clients
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Gage Skidmore
At the end of the day, those who bargain the best come out on top. No matter your position or industry, it helps to have solid negotiating skills. "Negotiation Tactics from Famous CEOs" illuminates the brash techniques of powerful executives and explains how to "win" your next business (or salary) negotiation. Read More
Conferences and Webinars
Weathering the Storm: Moving Beyond Impressions and Tonality to Gauge Media Impacts in a Crisis, hosted by PRSA, will be held Nov. 7. The webinar is free for members and costs $200 for nonmembers.
2013 WOMMA Summit, hosted by Word of Mouth Marketing Summit, will be held Nov. 18 in Nashville, TN. The cost to attend is $1,395 for members and $1,695 for non-members.
Writing for Corporate Communicators, hosted by Ragan Communications, will be held Nov. 19 in Silver Spring, MD. The cost to attend is $545 for members and $695 for non-members.
SMX Social Media Marketing 2013, hosted by Third Door Media, Inc., will be held Nov. 20 in Las Vegas, NV. The cost to attend is $1,595.
Content Summit for PR, Social Media and Marketing Professionals, hosted by Ragan Communications, will be held Dec. 3 in New York, NY. The cost to attend is $945 for members and $1,195 for non-members.
One-Day Boot Camp for Emerging PR Stars, hosted by PR News, will be held Dec. 11 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $795.
White Papers and eBooks
A Practical Guide to Newsjacking. Read about elevating your brand by responding to breaking news with tips and tricks on newsjacking basics and the perfect media pitch.
How to Write Magnetic Headlines. The power of your headlines significantly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece. This series provides concrete guidance for writing stronger headlines.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Marketing Positions
Quote of the Week
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"Advertising doesn't create a product advantage. It can only convey it… No matter how skillful you are, you can't invent a product that doesn't exist."
Bill Bernbach, co-founder of DDB Worldwide
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Quotes of the Week
Factoids of the Week
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67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy. (Media Bistro)Tweet this
78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. (WebDAM)Tweet this
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Factoids of the Week
Two Best Values
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