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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
November 2013 Issue #4
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Article

Should PR Pros Think Twice about Using Media Databases?

The New York Times
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Courtesy of Freezelight
David Segal of The New York Times devoted his Sunday column — normally about resolving consumer complaints — to express exasperation over the amount of PR spam that journalists endure. He encourages his fellow reporters to combat PR spam by contacting media database companies and asking to be deleted from the lists. To enable his fellow reporters to opt out, Segal shares the contact information of several notable PR databases. Segal's vent may be the loudest wake-up call yet to PR firms to cease and desist from sending indiscriminate email blasts to journalists. Targeted pitches always work best. Read More >
Public Relations

How PR Agencies Can Employ Media Monitoring Services to Benefit Clients

Crisis Guru Blog / Social Media Today
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Eva Kröcher, via GFDL
Not only does media monitoring offer vital strategic insights and early warning signs of a crisis — it can also identify new business opportunities. PR agencies can use media monitoring to demonstrate to clients how consumers use their product; find brand advocates through forums and message boards; and expose how competitors position products and engage with fans. Read More >

Proactive Reputation Management: Bad Buzz Can Stimulate Good Buzz

photo ffffff
Courtesy of Roland Tanglao
"For every bad buzz, there is equal and opposite good buzz." PR and social media management can use negative reviews to take actionable steps to improve their brand message. One example: McDonald's, in response to critics who called its food unhealthy, introduced salads and low-calorie menu items and launched campaigns to support the Olympics. Read More >

PR Writing Tips for More Concise Content & Headlines

Ragan / HubSpot / Heidi Cohen
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Alexander van Dijk
Sometimes, PR writers have to be their own editors and recognize when a sentence has too many commas, unnecessary adverbs and prepositions. Perhaps even more important than concise copy is a clear-cut headline. Heidi Cohen reports that the top three elements in headlines are numbers and lists; headlines that use the word "you;" and "How-to" articles that educate the reader. Read More >

Media Relations: How to Drive Reporters Nuts & Adapt to Fewer Reporters

Digiday / LewisPR
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Zach Klein
In today's 20-minute news cycle, journalists are always on deadline and have little inclination to read pitches about un-newsworthy stories. Brian Morrissey puts together "25 PR Habits that Drive Reporters Nuts" to remind PR pros of what not to do when connecting with reporters. As to what PR pros should do: contribute content, connect client stories with trending topics and venture beyond traditional media sources to reach niche audiences. Read More >

Pitches that Hit the Mark:
PR's Guide to Grabbing a Reporter's Attention

Bulldog Reporter
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Steve Nakatani
Like screenwriters, PR pros must pitch big ideas and complex stories to busy decision-makers in a competitive market. For PR pros hoping to land a blockbuster hit, Brian Pittman shares the 8 R's of pitching. Another suggestion: try the "non-pitch" pitch and act as a resource for reporters. Read More >

SEO Link Scheme Regulations: Google Means Business
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Bob Massa
Google abhors any type of link schemes that manipulate links into your site or outgoing links from your site for search engine optimization. For those doubting Google would actually search for and penalize those who broke the rules, Vladimir Gendelman's story proves that Google enforces its edicts. Read More >

Native Advertising: Helpful or Damaging to News & PR Organizations? / Wall Street Journal / Forbes
photo ffffff
Online publications — and now traditional media — are adopting native advertising to generate additional revenue. But as traditional media companies attempt to incorporate native advertising into their advertising strategies, some executives aren't convinced it will work. Contrarians challenge the reach and ethics of native advertising, and are worried of its ultimate consequences to journalism and PR. Read More
Marketing& Social Media

Where's the Best Place to Publish Your Blog?

Computer World / Copyblogger
photo ffffff
Bloggers can publish their content on blog platforms, such as WordPress, or they can choose to use social networks like Google+. Alternatively, they can also publish content on their own domain. Each approach has its benefits and disadvantages — Google+ offers a community of targeted readers, while WordPress provides design features and an archive. Ultimately, the primary purpose of a blog is to drive traffic to your website to make conversions, and the best way to do that is by using blog publishing software on a domain that you own. Read More >

To Measure Social Media ROI, Determine the Value of Your Customers

photo ffffff
Courtesy of 60 Second Marketer
Two metrics help marketers determine social media ROI: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), or the total amount of revenue a typical customer generates for a company; and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), social media spending based on the value of new customers. The metrics also identify areas in need of improvement by revealing page views generated, following/reach and customer sentiment. Read More >

5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

JonJon Yeung
photo ffffff
Brands can see real results from effective content — sales, new prospects, and better communication with customers — yet marketers still make common mistakes when they develop content. Some of the most common mistakes to look out for: vanity content, do-it-like-we-tell-you content, and a lack of strategy. Read More >

The 12 Rules for Incredible Content [SlideShare]

Sonja Jobson
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Vala Afshar
You've seen it before: content that instructs marketers on how to create content. But Sonja Jobson's piece stands out because it offers advice on all aspects of the content creation process: writing, editing and sharing. Click through to view best practices PR and marketing professionals can use when creating all types of content. Read More >

Marketing Tactics for More Followers:
What's Popular Isn't Always Effective

ExactTarget / MarketingProfs
photo ffffff
Courtesy of ExactTarget
An ExactTarget study reports that digital marketers find the most commonly used tactics ineffective for attracting followers and subscribers for Facebook, Twitter and email. Some of the most underutilized tactics include working with bloggers and influencers, publicly answering customer service questions and contests that ask fans to submit content. Read More >

YouTube Policy Change Should Motivate Brands
to Create Marketing Videos

Adweek / Search Engine Watch
photo ffffff
YouTube's new commenting policy requires users to sign into Google+ — warding off trolls and ultimately creating healthier discussions in brand videos. To be successful on YouTube, brands should actively participate in these discussions and create a compelling video, like those listed in Lisa Barone's "8 Video Types to Add to Your Content." Read More >

Brands Must Consider Unintended Consequences
of Hashtags & Tweets

New Yorker / iMedia Connection
photo ffffff
Even big-name brands make social media mistakes, as JPMorgan Chase proved last week. JPMorgan fell victim to the "bashtag" when it created a hashtag campaign that ultimately backfired. Followers used #AskJPM to share their discontent with the bank's recent court settlements. The lesson: be mindful of your message and consider possible unintended consequences before launching hashtag campaigns. Read More >
More Articles We Like

These Are the Cartoons that Will Change Your Business

Brian Solis
Sometimes, text isn't enough. Brian Solis compiles a gallery of cartoons with funny yet insightful marketing messages.

30 of the Most Powerful Images Ever

This gallery of photos collected over the last several decades proves the powerful emotions a photo can invoke.

The PR Consultant Dress Code Strategy

Arik Hanson
PR consultants, and anyone who wants to establish themselves as an influencer in their industry, need to dress the part. According to Arik Hanson, "accessories are absolutely key."

22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common

Business Insider
You have very little time to impress recruiters with your resume. The last thing you want is to make an easily avoidable mistake.
Conferences and Webinars
The Importance of a Social Image Strategy, hosted by the Association of Strategic Marketing, will be held Dec. 4. The cost to attend the webinar is $99.
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2014 Bulldog Media Relations Awards, hosted by Bulldog Reporter, is now accepting entries through Dec. 16. The cost to enter is $125.
White Papers and eBooks
How Twitter Can Solve Challenges for Marketing, Support and Sales. Learn the key challenges representatives from our marketing, sales and customer support team face — along with actual solutions Twitter can provide.
A Practical Guide to Newsjacking. How to plan, manage and execute a key media tactic — the newsjack.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Marketing Positions
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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."
Charles Darwin
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