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CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
December 2013 Issue #2
CyberAlert: Nobody Monitors and Measures the Media Better
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Featured Article

Media Monitoring Strategies for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (Part 1)

CyberAlert Blog
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Small and mid-sized businesses don't have a big budget to afford the expensive tools with glitzy features some media monitoring services push on them. Some small businesses can get by with free tools. But larger "small businesses" — including small and local B2B companies — have needs and a larger market presence that warrants a subscription media monitoring service. Brands can decide whether a free or paid solution is right for their company by assessing the scope of their media and market footprint. Read More >
Public Relations

PR Writing Guide: Tips to Become a Jack of All Writing Styles

PR News / Maximize Social Business / HubSpot / Social Media Today
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Courtesy of Bob Mical
With their multiple roles, PR pros must master different writing styles to publish effective press releases, social media posts and content marketing articles. Several recent articles address offer useful tips so PR writers can establish themselves as a jack of all writing styles. Read More >

Crises Demand Faster Response from Brands, According to Survey

The Holmes Report / Public Affairs Asia
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Courtesy of Mike Rosenberg
About 30 percent of companies have under an hour to respond to a crisis before it goes international, according to a recent survey. Implication for PR pros: losing control a crisis in its earliest stages can prove costly for business. Companies should invest more time and resources into a crisis response plan that accounts for recent changes in social media. Read More >

Data Security: Assume a Breach Will Occur; Prepare a Response Plan

McKinsey & Company
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A recent McKinsey study reports that every organization with valuable data risks having its critical assets compromised. All organizations must assume crises and cyberattacks will occur, and develop an integrated crisis response plan with detailed communications protocols. Read More >

FTC Native Ads Workshop Raises More Questions than Answers

The New York Times / The Guardian
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Courtesy of FTC
During a workshop last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) heard from representatives of various media organizations and publications on the question of whether native ads require more disclosure. It's unclear how the FTC plans to regulate native ads (advertising messages built into editorial content paid for by a sponsoring company), but the commission warned advertisers it intends to vigorously enforce its rules against misleading advertisements. Read More >

The Press Release Isn't Dead; PR Just Needs to Revive It

CatalystPR / The Buzz Factoree / PR Daily
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Courtesy of twm1340
Just because Coca-Cola has vowed to "kill" the press release doesn't mean other brands should follow suit. PR pros can revive the press release by implementing it in social media channels, blogs, YouTube, local and regional media and press release distribution services. For press releases that make the most impact, Russell Working offers the following tips: write the way you talk, cut back on links and write tweet-worthy content. Read More >

Five Case Studies that Prove PR's Worth: How Brands Can Drive Sales Through PR, Cause Marketing & Social Media Efforts

photo ffffff
Courtesy of Häagen Dazs
PRSA released five award-winning case studies on its website to guide communications professionals in their next PR campaign. The case studies detail the research, planning and strategies of successful 2012 PR campaigns. Several of the brands utilized cause marketing campaigns to drive community awareness, media impressions and sales. Read More >

The Math of PR Measurement: Marketwired's Interview with Katie Paine

photo ffffff
Courtesy of Marketwired
Every industry is placing more emphasis on measurement and analytics data — so why shouldn't PR? During the PRSA conference in October, Marketwired President Jim Delaney sat down with Katie Paine, a PR measurement veteran of 25 years, to glean insights on how PR pros can improve their measurement strategies. Read More >

Looking Back: Why PR Pros Need to Pass the EQ Test

photo ffffff
Courtesy of Alberto G.
When hiring new staff, companies — PR firms especially — overlook a critical quality needed for an employee's success: emotional intelligence. Failure to exercise emotional maturity in PR can damage relationships with clients, stakeholders and colleagues. PR pros can improve their EQ by reading body language, understanding the corporate culture and being open to feedback. Read More >
Marketing& Social Media

Social Media Management for Nonprofits: Cost-Effective & Time-Saving Tips

Social Fish / Trail of Papercuts
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How can nonprofit organizations better manage their social media strategy without it being too costly or time-consuming? Nilofar Ansher's suggestion: create a social media measurement "dashboard" to better organize social media monitoring results and measurement data. Such a dashboard helps specify which social media networks and initiatives work and which don't, thus saving nonprofits time and resources when investing efforts in future campaigns. (The strategy will also work for profit-oriented companies too.) Read More >

The Most Important Social Media Measurement Goal: Prove the Worth of Marketing Efforts

Heidi Cohen / Michael Todd
photo ffffff
Courtesy of Owen W. Brown
Heidi Cohen reasons that if marketers can prove their social media efforts contribute to revenue — even with vanity metrics — then they can better refine their data and marketing over time. While a social media measurement service delivers the best results, marketers can use free tools that report social analytics, including YouTube, content curation tools, URL shorteners and QR codes. Read More >

How to Land Guest Posts that Drive Traffic to Your Site

OwnerMag / Business2Community / Link-Assistant
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Courtesy of
Writing guest posts can be a powerful strategy to drive readers to your own website. James Altucher used guest posts to lure 10 million readers to his financial website. Altucher shares his methods for finding publications and contributing guest posts that add value to your readers. Read More >

10 Lessons for Effective Webinars that Benefit Your Audience & Your Brand

photo ffffff
Courtesy of ON24
The opportunity to generate leads from webinars goes to waste when marketers over-promote, ignore the audience and neglect important details in their webinars. Webinar expert Mark Bornstein shares the most common mistakes made in a webinar's promotion, creation and measurement, and explains how marketers can assure webinar success. Read More >

Multimedia Marketing: Best Practices for Producing Videos and Podcasts

Blue Bird Strategies / VoiceOver Times
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To feed the increasing demand for multimedia content, marketers should embrace videos and podcasts as part of their marketing strategy. Both types of content captivate and engage consumers in ways that the written word cannot. Popular video types marketers should consider include explainer videos, webinars, product demos, video blogs, and unsubscribe videos. Read More >

Secrets to Better Blogging: Monitor for Ideas and Measure Progress

Jeff Bullas / Marketing Think
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Courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg
The fail-proof formula for an effective blog strategy: produce high-quality content and measure performance. To determine if the content is working, bloggers should ask what goals they're trying to achieve through the blog, and measure performance against the goals. This will reveal the appropriate metrics to measure. Read More >
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Top 10 Crisis Management Takeaways of 2013

Melissa Agnes
Conferences and Webinars
How Local SEO & Influencer Retargeting are Delivering Record ROI, hosted by Digital Marketing Depot, will be held Dec. 12. The webinar is free to attend.
Media Relations Next Practices Conference, hosted by PR News, will be held Dec. 12 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $995.
The Top 8 Trends in Social Media Marketing Opportunities for 2014, hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, will be held Dec. 17. The webinar is free to attend.
Social Media Boot Camp, hosted by Sam Hosenkamp, will be held Jan. 31 in Los Angeles, CA. The cost to attend is $645 for Ragan Communications members and $795 for nonmembers.
PR & Social Media Measurement Conference, hosted by Ragan Communications and PRSA, will be held Feb. 18 in Washington, DC. The cost to attend is $745 for members and $895 for non-members.
White Papers and eBooks
Best Practices in Online Registration. Learn how to increase registration conversion rates while collecting more profile data from site visitor — without sacrificing conversion rates.
When a Should is Really a Whisper: Dissecting True Consumer Sentiment within Social Media. By understanding what to look for and what questions to ask regarding social media, you can gain deeper insights and a better understanding of consumer attitudes and choices, which can help you make informed, strategic decisions for your brand.
Job Openings
The listing for this issue includes PR job openings and marketing positions — with detailed job descriptions for each. Readers are invited to submit job postings to
Public Relations Positions
Marketing Positions
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"Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front."
Nelson Mandela
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Nearly 30% of company crises spread internationally within an hour, and over two-thirds of crises gain international reach within 24 hours. (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer)Tweet this
The No.1 reason people dislike B2B content: too many download requirements. (CMO Council)Tweet this
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