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Volkswagen Twitter Moment

Volkswagen shows how a leading brand can use Twitter Moments effectively. Image source: Twitter

Twitter Moments can offer a valuable PR and marketing tool. Twitter started collecting trending tweets in its Moments tab in 2015 and began allowing all users to create their own Twitter Moments last fall. The feature allows users to gather and organize related tweets in one location, like an online scrapbook.

Tweets are more powerful when gathered together under a single theme and can effectively promote an organization’s PR and marketing messages. Besides your own tweets, you can include others’ tweets, retweets and responses to your tweets, as well as video and audio files.

Twitter Moments can publicize a range of activities, including office or store renovations and additions, new products, favorable reviews, employee actions and comments, and media coverage. They can help publicize an event, communicate with your audience during the event, report about the event afterwards and promote other upcoming events, points out Rich Drees, owner of ViewsReviews, in Search Engine Journal. Moments can be shared on other platforms, including your blog, website and other social media profiles, Drees notes. Bloggers often construct interesting stories around a sequence of tweets assembled in Twitter Moments.

Steps to Create a Twitter Moment

Follow these steps to create a Twitter moment:

Click your profile photo in the top-right corner and select Moments from the drop-down menu.

Click on Create New Moment on the right.

Choose a title for your moment and add a description.

Add a cover image. You can upload an image or use an image from a tweet you’ve already added to your moment.

Scroll down to the Add Tweets. You can scroll through tweets you’ve liked, tweets from other accounts, search Twitter for tweets, or paste a tweet’s link. Click the grey check mark on the right to add tweets to the moment.

Click on Publish in the top-right corner, and then send out tweets to promote the moment. A lightning bolt icon on the tweet shows that you’re sharing a moment.

The More tab in the top-left offers additional options including delete or unpublish moments. You can edit, unpublish or delete a moment at any time.

Twitter Moment Advice for Marketers

These tips can help promote your moments and get the most out of the feature.

Include images, video and audio files to increase interest. A video as your cover photo can gain more attention.

Craft a compelling headline and description and seek an image that attracts attention and encourages people to see more.

Include interactions with influencers or industry experts to boost visibility. Place the tweet from an influencer at the beginning of the moment to so it’s seen immediately, recommends Ana Gotter at Social Media Examiner.

Keep it simple. Craft titles that are short and intriguing and try to keep your descriptions under 30 words. More than 80 percent of people on Twitter view tweets on mobile devices. Large typography and illustrations can highlight key brand messages, Twitter advises.

Take advantage of its storytelling capability. Create a beginning, middle and an end to your brand story with images as dividers.

Bottom Line: Twitter Moments can help promote your organization. Related tweets gathered in one location offer powerful marketing and storytelling possibilities. Sophisticated PR and marketing professionals and leading brands continue to experiment with the relatively new feature. Innovative uses are still to come.

What uses of Twitter Moments do you recommend?

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