2017 Ultimate Guide to Media Measurement
for PR & Marketing

A FREE educational handbook for PR & marketing professionals

2017 guide to media measurement for pr and marketing

The new Measurement Handbook is the most comprehensive ebook ever assembled on PR & marketing analytics.

  • Advice from leading experts on proving the value of PR & marketing
  • Insights on top trends in media monitoring, measurement and analytics
  • Tips on social media monitoring & measurement, marketing analytics, and selecting the right metrics

The 2017 Guide to Media Measurement for PR & Marketing contains 26 separate articles, 61 pages of content on topics like:

  • How to select the best media monitoring tool for your needs
  • Overcoming obstacles to effective measurement
  • Common measurement errors to avoid
  • Advice on selecting the right metrics
  • Alternatives to AVEs
  • Using social media measurement for marketing research
  • How to measure video marketing
  • Combating fake news through media monitoring
  • How nonprofits benefit from media monitoring & measurement
  • How to measure the ROI of trade shows
  • Tips on measuring the value of press releases
  • How to manage a PR crisis with media monitoring & measurement
  • The Importance of TV news monitoring
  • Pros & cons of automated sentiment analysis

And more articles on improving your PR and marketing measurement

2017 guide to media measurement for pr & marketing
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