clipmetrics online content analysis system
All the tools you need to:
check Measure your media coverage
check Demonstrate the success of
your communications program
and even
check Benchmark your competitors

Media Measurement Charts & Graphs for Publicity Evaluation

ClipMetrics is a Media Measurement, Evaluation and Analysis service to help assess the success of media relations and publicity programs.

ClipMetrics automatically generates a wide array of clear, colorful, high-impact charts and graphs displaying the aggregated quantitative data delivered with your online news clips from CyberAlert. The only thing you have to do is choose the beginning and ending dates for the graphical reports you want to see.

The ClipMetrics Media Measurement Service can automatically and instantly generate the following charts and graphs for any time period you choose:


The ClipMetrics Media Measurement Tools also enable you to easily assess and measure articles for the following media analysis parameters:

  • Tone of article (positive, somewhat positive, balanced, somewhat negative, negative)
  • Type of article (news, editorial, review, round-up, feature, analysis, other)
  • Prominence of your company or brand in the article (headline, photo, top 20%, bottom 80%)
  • Dominance of your company or brand in the article (exclusive, dominant, average, minor)
  • Incidence of your key messages in the article (1, 2, 3, more)
  • Spokesperson quoted (yes, no)

    ….and more.

After you assess your clips for tone, prominence, dominance and key messages, the ClipMetrics Media Analysis system automatically generates the following measures/graphs, in addition to all of the above:




Key Messages

Type Of Story


If your CyberAlert news monitoring service also delivers articles about your competitors and you opt for the competitor media measurement option, ClipMetrics also measures, in addition to the above charts:


And if you monitor the news for competitor’s key words (company name, brands), the ClipMetrics Media Measurement Service generates the following measures after you assess the competitor’s articles for tone, etc.




Story Type

Media Type



Selection of graphs subject to change.

ClipMetrics Online Media
Measurement Service

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ClipMetrics Key Benefits

Improved Insight

Gain greater insight into the results of your publicity campaigns. Better assess how, when and where publicity campaigns “moved the needle” on behalf of your company or its brands.

Detailed Management Reporting

Deliver clear, unambiguous and convincing charts and graphs to demonstrate success of communications campaigns to management.

Improved Media Relations

Gain greater understanding of strengths & weaknesses of your media relations program — and how to improve it. Better identify journalists’ attitudes and which journalists are following which issues.

Better Understand Competitors’ Programs

Benchmark how your media relations program stacks up against your competitors — and better counter their campaigns.

Better Target Future Publicity

With increased understanding of past efforts, better plan upcoming campaigns and adjust messages/media.

Time Savings

Save time in performing media monitoring and measurement with ClipMetrics automated tools.

Reduce Costs

Achieve substantial savings compared to other media measurement services. Substantially better and less expensive than doing media measurement yourself.

Secure Higher Budgets

Obtain increased budget allocations with clear evidence of success.