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Glean.info provides complete monitoring services - glean.info

Complete Media Monitoring Services

Premium Media Monitoring

Glean.info provides complete monitoring services across all types of traditional and social media.

  • Social Media and Sharing Sites
  • Online News
  • Blogs
  • Print
  • Message Boards and Forums
  • Video Sharing Sites


Social Media Monitoring

Glean.info monitors about 25 million individual social media posts each day from a universe of 190+ million social media sources worldwide.

Here’s what Glean.info monitors for you automatically and thoroughly every day:

Twitter Monitoring
Glean.info continuously monitors your company Twitter stream and monitors for specific keywords, hashtags or your competitors across all of Twitter.

Facebook Monitoring
Glean.info monitors your Facebook pages and competitive pages continuously and provides full support of engagement analysis

LinkedIn Monitoring
Glean.info monitors your company LinkedIn pages and provides full support of engagement analysis.

Instagram Monitoring
Glean.info monitors your company Instagram pages and provides full support of engagement analysis.

Blog Monitoring
Glean.info monitors and searches most every recognized blog in the world in over 50 languages in 191 countries. Best estimate: 190+ million blogs.

Message Boards & Forums Monitoring
Glean.info monitors over 64,000 message boards and forums worldwide on most every possible subject with a special focus on commercial topics.

Usenet Newsgroup Monitoring
Glean.info also monitors 75,000+ usenet newsgroups and ousts the unsavory newsgroups.

Social Video Monitoring
Glean.info searches all new video posts on 200+ video sharing sites such as YouTube.
Glean.info can also monitor any other media feeds based on client requests.

Monitoring Analytics

Glean.info can set up an analytics package to enable access to automated analysis. The automated analysis can include specialized measurements such as:

Social Media Index
The ratio of tweets and posts to engagement across all social channels

Share of Voice
Your share of voice compared to competitors in any or all social channels.

Hash tag based campaign measurement
for one or more campaigns

Social Channels Post engagement
metrics over time

Blog engagement
Integration of website analytics




Online News Monitoring

All the news you need to know in one easy-to-access place. Each day the Glean.info news monitoring service automatically searches for and delivers all the news you want. You simply specify the key words or phrases you want to monitor and Glean.info will create search profiles to deliver the results to you.

100,000+ online news sources
250+ languages including all western languages, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Greek.
191 countries.

Glean.info has it’s own proprietary collection systems that have been continuously upgraded for years. Clients may always request specific sites to be added at no charge.

News Archive Search

Glean.info now includes the ability to conduct back searches. Glean.info has up to 13 months of instantly searchable content for many news sources and provides custom archival searches for its clients at additional cost.

You simply specify what keyword or topic you want to research and what period of time you want to cover. We deliver a comprehensive set of the most pertinent articles on your topic & and we deliver it fast.