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Covid 19 Complimentary Service Application - glean.info

Application: Covid 19 Complimentary Service

Media Monitoring & Measurement

Glean.info is offering complimentary media monitoring and automated measurement service for three months to up to 200 companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations that have suffered budget cuts because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is our effort to give back to the PR community as we all struggle with the health and economic problems caused by Covid-19.

The offer includes automated daily monitoring of 100,000+ online news sources, 10+ million blogs, closed-caption text of U.S. TV news, and Twitter. You’ll receive all your media mentions in a daily email alert. Your clips will also be delivered to your own Glean.info media measurement dashboard with automated analytics. Organizations may specify up to 10 keywords or search terms.

There’s no catch. We have extra capacity and we want to help the PR community get through these difficult times without having to sacrifice vital media monitoring and measurement.

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25% Discount after Three Months Complimentary Service

After the first three months, you’ll have the option to subscribe to the Glean.info service at 25% off what you were paying your previous vendor. Just send us a recent invoice and we’ll discount the charges by 25% for the same services. We’ll be happy to also discuss our additional services including print monitoring, human analysis, add-on social media analytics and executive news briefs.

Glean.info Features & Benefits

Glean.info Media Monitoring and Measurement Services are designed for public relations, marketing and the entire enterprise, including product management, country managers, competitive intelligence, market research, customer service, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Worldwide news monitoring. Monitors 100,000+ online news sources in 250+ languages in 191 countries and closed caption text of news programs on 1,000+ U.S. TV stations. Exclusively monitors over 2,000 websites known to produce and spread fake news. Subscription service includes 25,000 print publications.

Social media monitoring. The full Glean.info service monitors 10+ million blogs, 100,000 message boards, 200+ video sharing sites, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Advanced search functions. Advanced keyword search features, including Boolean and regular expressions (ReX statements), ensure accurate search results that virtually eliminate irrelevant or extraneous items from media monitoring reports. Our search experts help you craft keyword queries that deliver the most thorough and accurate results in both news and social media.

Itemized email alerts. During the complimentary period, clients can have email alerts sent to multiple email accounts in their organization. Paid subscriptions can receive multiple, personalized email alerts per day. The alerting system even provides optional customized design with your organization’s logo, color palette and design specifications.

An integrated, intuitive analytics dashboard. Our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use online SaaS dashboard integrates all your news and social media coverage. Subscribers can also integrate Google Analytics and internal communications data into the dashboard for a 360-degree view of all the organization’s earned and owned media and communications.

Automated charts and graphs and reporting tools provide detailed analysis of your media results in near real time. Choose from hundreds of charts, chart formats and trend periods to visualize and interpret your media results.

Customized PR metrics and analytics. With paid subscriptions, Glean.info can customize the monitoring measurement service to your specific needs and requirements. We can create customized PR metrics and you can customize your measurement dashboard for different functions, departments, countries and managers.

Expert human analysis. Software-based analysis often misses nuances and produces inaccurate results. As an optional extra at added cost, our expert human analysts, combined with our advanced media monitoring and an integrated PR analytics dashboard, provide more thoughtful analysis and valuable insights.

Enterprise solutions for the entire organization. The subscription Glean.info media monitoring and PR analytics solution serves all departments that benefit from news and social media monitoring and measurement.

Surprisingly reasonable pricing. Quite affordable for small and medium-sized organizations. Less costly than comparable media monitoring and measurement services for large enterprises or multinational corporations.

Superb customer service. We measure our success by the ability of our clients to prove and improve their communications effectiveness; we help our clients succeed.

PR measurement innovators since 1999. Previously known as CyberAlert, we’ve served the media monitoring and analytics needs of thousands of companies and not-for-profit organizations. The company pioneered the development of online software to monitor digital media - and, with its focus on continuous improvement, offers today’s most advanced media monitoring and analytics solutions.

Not eligible or ready for a complimentary service? Sign up for a free online demo. Learn how your organization can benefit from Glean.info’s comprehensive media coverage and full-featured media measurement dashboard in a 30-minute free online demo.

*Glean.info reserves the right to limit or refuse complimentary services.

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