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Glean.info Media Monitoring & Measurement Partner / Reseller Program - glean.info

Media Monitoring & Measurement Partner / Reseller Program

The Glean.info Partner Program is designed for organizations that want to profit from offering media monitoring, measurement and analytics services to their clients but do not want to invest the enormous amount of time and capital needed develop the software and technical expertise.

The Glean.info partner / reseller program licenses organizations to resell Glean.info services under their own private brand service with their own logo and color palette. Both worldwide news and social media monitoring are included in the program. Your clients receive daily (or more frequent) email alerts of their media mentions and they have full access to Glean.info’s advanced media measurement dashboard with its comprehensive array of metrics and analytics.

Glean.info provides all the hardware, software, technical support, and bandwidth that you need to deliver superior media monitoring and measurement to your clients. Glean.info also provides marketing materials, superior customer care, and in-depth training that enables you to create searches that produce relevant reports and eliminate extraneous results. You provide the marketing and clients.

The Glean.info Partner Program presents an extraordinary opportunity for organizations selling public relations, advertising, media buying, marketing, market research, SEO and competitive intelligence services. Resellers can acquire new customers and gain additional revenues from current customers by marketing media monitoring, measurement and analytics services backed by Glean.info.

With the service carrying your brand and logo, Glean.info can be as transparent as you wish. We can also customize the media monitoring dashboard to meet your unique preferences.

Extraordinary Opportunity to Profit from Media Monitoring & Measurement

Although Glean.info is a new name, the company behind it has a distinguished history in media monitoring and measurement. Glean.info was previously known as CyberAlert, which was founded almost 20 years ago. Every day, corporations and other organizations around the world use Glean.info to conduct more than 2,000 searches of corporate and brand names and other key terms.

When you partner with Glean.info, you provide your customers today’s most advanced automated media monitoring solution. Glean.info monitors more than 65,000 web publications each day, and more than 90 million blogs. The service also monitors the most important social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Our proprietary media monitoring system offers complex Boolean-type searches and eliminates outdated, duplicate or extraneous clips. The Glean.info Measurement Dashboard offers a comprehensive array of metrics for news and social media – and you can customize it to an individual client’s needs.

Glean.info also offers fully-trained human analysts to assess clips for factors such as sentiment, messages, prominence, dominance, spokespersons and other qualitative parameters.

Generous Revenue Sharing / You Control Your Customers

The Glean.info Partner Program provides you full control over your business and customers. Glean.info provides the technology and technical support to deliver the service, freeing you to concentrate on marketing and selling the monthly subscription service to clients.

Depending on the level of the program you choose, you receive referral fees or a generous percentage of total monthly revenue with high payouts and volume incentives. Many partners add value to the media monitoring service by editing clips and performing content analysis services for their clients, substantially increasing billable hours and revenues.

Glean.info - your path to added revenues and profits.