Print Media Monitoring Print delivers the full text of news articles with the convenience and timeliness of digital media monitoring services, including: next-day delivery, online clip storage and a full-featured dashboard to search, organize and manage news. It also includes circulation data for inclusion in media measurement.

Print monitoring benefits.

Comprehensive. Tracks over 25,000 print news sources worldwide

Accurate. Near-zero missed clips and fewer irrelevant clips.

Timely. Clips delivered by email the next morning before start of business or in near-real time.

Tools & Data. All clips stored in a digital clip archive with easy-to-use online tools to review, search, sort and manage clips. Circulation and readership data available for each clip.

Customized. Choose publications by name, region or country, as well as the delivery time and format.

Cost effective. Provides the best value in media monitoring, with no per-clip fees, no hidden costs and no long-term contract required. Print Media Monitoring: Timely delivery with all the advantages of digital media monitoring including automated media measurement.

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