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2020 PR Measurement Handbook - glean.info

2020 Ultimate Guide to Media Monitoring, Measurement & Analytics for PR & Marketing

A FREE educational handbook for PR, marketing and corporate communications professionals

eBook: How to Choose the Best Media Monitoring & Measurement Service for Your Organization

The new Media Monitoring, Measurement & Analytics Handbook is the most comprehensive ebook ever assembled on PR & marketing analytics. The ebook contains:

  • Advice on proving and improving the value of PR & marketing
  • Recommendations on how to improve your organization’s media monitoring and measurement
  • Insights on top trends in media monitoring, measurement and analytics
  • Tips on social media monitoring & measurement, marketing analytics, and selecting the right metrics

The Media Measurement, Measurement & Analytics ebook contains articles on topics like:

  • How to choose the best media monitoring, measurement and analytics tools for your needs and budget
  • How nonprofit organizations can gain the most benefits from social media listening and social media analytics
  • Improving data analytics
  • Overcoming obstacles to effective measurement
  • Common measurement errors to avoid
  • Selecting the right metrics - and discarding the useless ones
  • Must-have features in a robust media analytics dashboard
  • Measuring PR on a limited budget
  • Tips for improving social media listening
  • Media monitoring and measurement in a PR crisis
  • Pros & cons of automated sentiment analysis

And more articles on improving your PR and marketing measurement.

Free Download 2020 Ultimate Guide to Media Monitoring, Measurement & Analytics for PR & Marketing

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