Promoting your brand through videos is a strategy every business should pursue. The confidence in video marketing comes from some recent stats:

With these stats, it’s no surprise that more companies are investing in video production, and using videos for their PR and marketing.

The question now is not if video marketing is worthwhile, but how to customize your brand’s marketing to increase its reach.

1) Create visual consistency in your brand videos

An important way to elevate your brand’s videos is through visual consistency. Your consumers will become accustomed to your brand’s overall video appearance and style. To create a visually consistent video:

  • Use the same color scheme for every video you create.
  • Ensure that your logo, typography, and visual effects are consistent across videos.

2) Add SEO in your videos

There is no point in investing substantial sums in a video and not optimizing it properly for search. Optimizing your video for search can be quite easy yet very effective when done properly.

  • Research keywords that are relevant to your business and your brand. Make sure you research long-tail keywords as well.
  • Optimize your video title, tags, and description for search. Tag for audio search too.

Search engine optimization will ensure that your videos get noticed by search engines like Google and Bing.

3) Pick the right video platform

While video branding is an important marketing strategy, publishing video content on the right video platform is also important.

Video platforms allow users to upload, store, and deliver video content, and leverage it for marketing purposes (e.g. lead generation, conversion, and advertising). Commercial video content may include product demo videos, help/training videos, or webinar recordings. In addition to hosting pre-recorded, on-demand video, some platforms allow users to stream live events. The right video platform will help you reach the right audience and improve your metrics over time. Although YouTube is the dominant video platform, there are many other video platforms to choose from.

See what works best for you and your brand.

4) Customize a CTA

Another way to increase brand reach is to customize the call to action in your videos.

Let viewers know what to do during the video and after they watch.

A few possible calls to action, or CTAs, you can add to videos include:

  • Follow the brand for more videos like this.
  • Subscribe to our channel.
  • Visit our website for more.
  • To shop, follow the link in the description.
  • Watch another video.

The point is to make sure your CTA is tailored to your target consumers. It should be useful to your audience and help guide them through the buyer’s journey.

5) Add value for your viewers

Lastly, as your viewers are the primary consumers of your video content, be sure to tailor it to add value to their lives. One thing not to do is make your video all about your product or brand.

Look at your video as an improvement in your buyer’s journey instead of just a marketing strategy.

You can do this by;

  • Answering viewers’ frequently asked questions,
  • Providing viewers information that helps them in their decision-making process,
  • Infusing educational material about your product category, and
  • Giving market insight into the ways people can use your product or service.

While it takes time to create perfect brand videos that extend reach, it’s a fulfilling endeavor. Use your creativity to capitalize on the potential that video branding can bring to your business growth. At every stage in creating a marketing strategy, make sure you capitalize on the power of video branding.