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how to write About Us pageAlthough unglamorous and often neglected, the About Us page is one of the important web pages for companies and other organizations. About Us pages – or About Me pages in some cases – often register high traffic volumes. Even if they do not, visitors who read About Us pages have a keen interest to learn more about your business. That interest could lead to a new customer or profitable business partnership.

Most About Us pages are eh. Some are bland promotions; others treat the page as an afterthought. A well-conceived About Us page can and should provide real insight into the character of the business.

Most people clicking on the About Us link want answers to a few basic questions. Who are these people? Can they solve my problem? Do I want to do business with them?

These are the recommendations from experts for creating About Us pages that attract interest, deliver the information people want, and win customers.

Determine your intention. Decide how you want people to feel. Do you want them to feel motivated, sad or inspired? Keep that intention in mind as you create the page, advises Velocity Local.

Consider your audience. Keep in mind their needs, desires and pain points. Begin the About Us page with a description of their challenges and objectives — and continue to keep your audience in mind throughout the copy.

Be personable. Websites in some industries may require a certain tone, but a friendly, welcoming tone is best for most. Corporate-speak will bore readers. Instead, keep the tone conversational and write in the first person.

Use facts. Sell yourself with figures, not superlatives. Explain how you have helped customers. State how many years you’ve been in business and outline backgrounds of your key people. “By providing information about your background, you should be able to demonstrate to visitors that you understand what they’re seeking, and you’re able to offer an excellent solution,” says copywriter and marketing consultant Susan Greene.

Include Testimonials. Customer testimonials can be powerful promotional tools. To add credibility, include their full name and relevant details and photos of them if possible. Include customer-focused awards and accreditations. “Exploit the instinctive human need to seek reassurance from our peers,” advises Ben Austin in a Moz post.

Consider multimedia. Photos, timelines, videos or other media can hold viewers’ interest longer. Although you don’t necessarily need to post photos of all team members, head shots of managers, photos of employees in action or even images of employees having fun can add character to your brand.

Use photos of real people and places. Don’t use photos of models simply for visual appeal. People easily recognize stock photos. “The pretty boy wearing an ill-fitting hard hat and pretending to read blueprints doesn’t add visual appeal. He just looks silly,” writes contributing Inc. editor Jeff Haden.

Tell your story. An account of your company’s origins and rise from humble beginnings is one About Us page option. Focus on milestones and anecdotes and avoid a detailed, year-by-year recounting of company history.

Be honest. Self-praise is boring and sounds contrived, but visitors appreciate honesty. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are.

Tout your values. The page is a good place to explain why a product or service is important to you and to describe any company charitable activities. “Your About Us page should be more than a corporate resume. It should describe who you are,” Greene says.

Keep it current. Update the page when your company experiences a significant change, for instance when it acquires a major new customer, introduces a new product or enters a new market. Consider the page a work in progress.

Evaluate it. Ask people to read the page and provide constructive criticism. Check your Web analytics for traffic volumes, visit duration and bounce rates to gauge its success.

Bottom Line: The About Us page is one of the most important elements of a company’s website. Yet many organizations neglect the pages. Most typically, many About Pages are filled with promotional hype and superlatives. These tips can help you create a captivating About Us page that prompts readers to contact your company.