, a leading media monitoring and measurement firm based in Stratford, CT., has published

The 2017 Ultimate Guide to Media Measurement for PR & Marketing.

Available through immediate online download, the free handbook contains 61 pages and 26 articles with advice from leading experts on proving and improving the value of PR and marketing through media analytics. It also analyzes top media monitoring trends and provides tips on effective and cost-efficient social media monitoring & measurement. Professionals in PR, marketing, competitive intelligence and other sectors can benefit from the free, comprehensive resource.

PR measurement ebook, marketing measurement ebook Insights into Media Intelligence Techniques

The handbook offers insights on practical techniques for social media listening and analytics. Social media monitoring and measurement has become imperative for companies and other organizations including colleges and hospitals. More organizations are embracing social media listening and social media analytics, but many are unsure of how to adapt it to their needs and how to uncover actionable insights. The handbook answers many of those questions.

While PR agencies and corporate departments have monitored the media for brand mentions, other departments that now gain substantial benefits from social media monitoring and measurement include customer service, product management, and competitive intelligence.

A Sampling of Articles

Some of the articles in the handbook include:

  • Key features for a media monitoring dashboard,
  • How to avoid the most common social media measurement errors,
  • Shortcomings of Google Analytics for measuring PR,
  • Why advertising equivalency values (AVEs) persist as a PR metric and alternatives to AVEs,
  • How social media listening can augment and even replace traditional market research methods,
  • Methods to select the best metrics,
  • How nonprofits can better use media monitoring and measurement,
  • Best metrics for measuring video marketing,
  • How to select the best chart to visualize data,
  • Measuring the ROI of trade shows,
  • How to measure the value of press releases,
  • How media monitoring and measurement can help cope with a PR crisis,
  • Untapped benefits of media monitoring for competitive intelligence,
  • How to select the best media monitoring and measurement firm for your needs,
  • Questions to ask when considering automated sentiment analysis.
  • The importance of TV news monitoring.

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