types of marketing videosThese days, it’s hard to find a successful marketing campaign that doesn’t include video content. It’s not surprising, because video is one of the most effective types of marketing content out there. Entertaining videos with interesting and helpful content deliver real results, and audiences love them.  But not all brands know how to get the most out of video.

Videos come in many different types to fit different marketing goals. Many brands fail to understand this, and think any video can fit almost any marketing purpose.

Any experienced video company will tell you that a video will only unleash its full potential if it’s underpinned by a meaningful strategy and if the type of video matches your business goal. Here’s an overview of the most effective types of video content and how to use them to boost your marketing campaigns.

Commercial Ads

Yes, we’re starting with the basics. Commercials are one of the most used types of video in marketing, and they’re now all over the internet. Commercial ads are still going strong after all these years.

These videos’ goal has been to make a strong first impression on their audience and sell the product or service. They do it by finding an original idea, mixing it with great visuals, and showcasing a product that sparks emotions.

Great commercial ads entertain and make an emotional connection with their audience. That’s what makes them unforgettable.

Educational Videos

Educational videos provide real, immediate value for your audience. When done well, they strengthen your brand’s reputation and awareness. This type of video effectively combines entertainment and information. That’s why they’re such a great asset for brands.

These videos also create great first impressions.  People that are interested in learning more about your field of expertise will learn more about your brand and will perceive it as an authority in the field.

Also, educational videos are highly shareable. People love to share useful content with their peers, and that means reaching even more people, organically.  Just make sure it’s truly educational and not a disguised commercial.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos engagingly describe a product or service by using appealing characters and a compelling story that speaks directly to your target audience, as it is based on their main pain points.

The basic formula for great animated explainer videos is to present a problem to an audience, then show the most effective solution, which would be your product or service.

This results in a piece that enhances conversion rates and visibility. Explainers are one of the favorite audiovisual tools for marketers, as they’re able to show a complex topic in a way that’s clear and engaging.

FAQ Videos

You’ve probably noticed that customers sometimes delay a purchase because they have some questions about the product.  They want to know that they won’t regret their purchase, so they head up to the FAQ page of your site.

They are a fairly popular style of video, especially for small businesses, since their production requirements can be rather low. But if your FAQ page isn’t clear as day, your prospects might leave without becoming customers. That’s where FAQ videos can save the day.

These videos explain things in a way that’s more interesting and appealing to customers than just text. They also provide the chance to make a call to action to customers, encouraging them to return to the product (or shopping carts) so that they can finish their purchase.

Product Videos

As the name suggests, product videos show the main benefits of a product in action. A product video makes the product (or service) the star of the show, giving your audience the chance to see every detail and every feature of it.

These videos are the closest online equivalent of “trying-before-buying” a product. Online, people can’t really have a hands-on experience with a product, but product videos are the next best thing.

They often influence purchase decisions for the better, so if you’re looking to increase sales, make sure to include product videos in your marketing campaign.

Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos show satisfied clients telling their success stories with a brand and product. They’re an excellent way to nurture consumer trust because the positive comments come from an impartial third-party, so they don’t have that innate bias ingrained in most marketing content.

Testimonials also put potential customers in the shoes of the interviewee. By hearing other people talk about how your product helped them overcome their problems, they can understand how your product would help them too.

Company Story Videos

Another way to boost consumer trust is to show the real story behind your brand as told by the people that work in your company. Company story videos, or “About Us” videos, manage to do this in a way that’s engaging and emotionally moving.

These videos show the human side of your company. They’re directed at customers, and sometimes prospective employees, to form a deeper connection with them and your brand.

Different types of videos fulfill different goals, so choose the types that will help you meet your main goals.

Some videos work best to attract new leads, like commercial ads or explainer videos. Others, such as product videos and testimonials, encourage customers at the end of the sales funnel to complete purchases. The key advice is to be strategic when choosing which type of video to create to match the video to the customer’s stage in the buyer’s journey.

It’s best to have fewer, high-quality videos. Make sure you find a video production company to make compelling videos with good production values to invigorate and animate your marketing campaigns.

Bottom Line: While marketers consider video marketing an effective strategy, it’s essential to create the right type of video for your business goal and the customer’s stage in the buyer’s journey.