LinkedIn company pages for PR & marketingLinkedIn is turning to outside help to improve its video measurement. The network is integrating its advertising campaign manager with Moat Analytics, a third-party analytics and measurement platform. With the integration, LinkedIn advertisers can now validate their metrics for accuracy and compare video campaign results across platforms in one streamlined location, said Taylor Greason, LinkedIn product management, in the blog post.

Marketers Hearing More about Audibility

LinkedIn also recently introduced attention metrics that take signals such as audibility into account. Just as viewability metrics track how many people see a video, audibility metrics report how many hear videos. Since social media videos are typically muted by default, more marketers are examining audibility for a deeper understanding of their effectiveness. Some analytics experts have even pondered if audibility is the new viewability.

“Carpenters once told their apprentices to measure twice, then cut once, but in the digital world, effective marketers should measure everything, all the time,” said Mark Kopera, Oracle Data Cloud’s Head of Product for Moat Analytics in LinkedIn’s announcement. “Marketers need to be able to tell that the right audience is seeing their video ads to be sure those ads are having the right impact, and the launch of our integration with LinkedIn will give brands the validation they need around viewability and attention for their video ads.”

Companies must be a customer of both Moat Analytics and LinkedIn to access the data. LinkedIn created a starting guide for marketers who wish to set up the Moat integration with LinkedIn’s campaign manager.

LinkedIn’s Pursuit of Video

The integration is the latest step in LinkedIn’s emphasis on both sponsored and organic video as it strives to catch up to the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Earlier this year, LinkedIn introduced live video, allowing members to share live video from conferences, product announcements, Q&A sessions, earnings calls, awards ceremonies and other events.

Last year, the platform introduced video for sponsored content and company pages as new sticker and text options to offer video presentations creative options.

Video is the best performing content type on all social media platforms, and that includes the professional social network LinkedIn. According to internal data, LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video on the platform than any other type of post. Members spend almost 3 times more time watching video ads compared to time spent with static Sponsored Content.

“That’s an important shift to consider in your platform approach – and when you also consider that LinkedIn is currently seeing ‘record levels of engagement’ it may be worth giving both LinkedIn and LinkedIn video ads additional thought,” notes Andrew Hutchinson at Social Media Today.

Bottom Line: LinkedIn’s push to improve video measurement and its emphasis on video in general may prompt marketers to take a second look at the platform. While other network’s had a head start in video, LinkedIn is working hard to match their capabilities.